Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Enter Richar

Danny Richar's visa problems are over. He entered camp today on the first game of Spring Training. Hopefully, the lack of playing time won't hurt his chances at competing for the second base job.

Danny seems to have a lot of competition at second base. Juan Uribe has been forced out of his shortstop position by Orlando Cabrera and is now a candidate for second base. Pablo Ozuna and Alexei Ramirez also have shots at nabbing second base.

The second base job was Danny's to lose at the beginning of the year. Now, that's not as clear. Juan Uribe seems to perform better at second base. Pablo Ozuna is back from injury, so he will likely be the backup infielder. Alexei Ramirez is turning some heads already with his play, and more importantly, his bat. Danny could be the odd man out.

Personally, I'd like to see Danny make the team. He was just getting comfortable at the end of last year. Plus, there should be another card of Danny Richar other than this 2007 Topps 52. That would be sweet.


Franklin Avila said...

I know Danny Richar sinde were kids in La Romana, D.R. He is going to win the 2b job because he can performs better than the other guys.

Pa lante Danny...

Franklin Avila

White Sox Cards said...

Very cool! I'm very happy with Danny Richar's performance so far. I just hope that the high dollar signing of Uribe doesn't take Danny's job away.

I was impressed with Danny in 2007, so I am rooting for him.

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