Sunday, January 1, 2012

January 1

1984 Topps #405 - LaMarr Hoyt

Happy birthday to LaMarr Hoyt, who in 1983, helped lead the White Sox to the AL West division title. This was the first time since 1959 that the Sox made the playoffs. That year, LaMarr won the AL Cy Young award and the AL TSN Pitcher of the Year.

Hoyt came to the organization with Oscar Gamble in 1977, as part of the Bucky Dent deal with the Yankees. He was dealt to the Padres after the 1984 season for a package that included a young shortstop named Ozzie Guillen.

LaMarr ran into drug problems that derailed his career, but he eventually rebounded from those woes and is currently drug free and working in the White Sox organization as a roving instructor.

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