Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 21

1987 Topps Traded #106T - Jerry Royster

On this day in 1987, the White Sox signed Jerry Royster.

While with the Sox, Jerry played at third base, left field, second base and designated hitter during the course of fifty-five games. Royster hit an unhealthy .240 with the Sox before he was traded to the New York Yankees in August 1987. Jerry was on par with the rest of the 1987 White Sox batters, as no one that season hit over .293, with most hitting in the .250 range or lower.

Royster was signed as infield insurance by GM Larry Himes. He could play second, third, shortstop and the outfield. He was the third infielder added by Himes, after Donnie Hill and Fred Manrique. After third baseman Tim Hulett was sent to the minors in June 1987, Royster platooned with Steve Lyons at third. The plan was to play Lyons against right-handed pitchers and Royster against lefties.

Jerry was a popular player in the clubhouse and thought that the 1987 White Sox were the best group of guys he had played with, at the time he was traded. The Sox obtained pitcher Ken Patterson and infielder Mike Soper from the Yankees. Pat Keedy took Royster's roster place on the Sox, as manager Jim Fregosi liked Keedy's versatility.

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