Monday, January 16, 2012

January 16

1972 TCMA The 1930s #86 - Jo-Jo Morrissey

On this day in 1904, Jo-Jo Morrissey was born.

In fourteen games, Jo-Jo made three errors as a fielder. During a May 27 game against the Detroit Tigers, while replacing Jimmy Dykes at third base, Jo-Jo made an error that cost the game for the White Sox, when he allowed three runs to score. He was more adept at making errors in the field than being a prolific batter. He managed only seven hits, but made the most of them by getting six RBI, scoring three runs and walking twice. In an impressive feat, Morrissey only struck out three times. It wasn't enough to overcome his poor fielding as he hit a career low .184 for the White Sox in 1936, his last year in the majors and his only with Chicago.

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