Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 22

1996 Collector's Choice #513 - Danny Tartabull

On this day in 1996, Danny Tartabull was traded to the White Sox from the Oakland Athletics for Charles Poe and Andrew Lorraine.

Danny spent one season with the White Sox, batting .254, while hitting 27 home runs and 101 RBI, playing in 132 games. It was a career resurgence for Tartabull, who had been slowed by injuries in previous years. The Sox chose not to re-sign him in 1997, which turned out to be a stroke of luck. The Phillies threw two million dollars at him, which he originally scoffed at, but thought differently when the Cincinnati Reds turned out to be the only other team interested in his services with a five hundred thousand dollar offer.

Tartabull played three hitless games with Philadelphia, broke his foot and never played again. The White Sox dodged an expensive bullet there.

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Jim said...

Still a painful memory for a Phillies fan.

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