Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My White Sox Obsession

A short while ago, I contacted Jeff from My Sports Obsession about a possible trade. We both collect White Sox cards and I had a bunch that were not on his list. If only he could hit a few cards off of my list, things would be great.

I have an abundant amount of White Sox cards, so I don't expect a lot of hits off of my list. It is pretty extensive, but save for a few pesky commons here and there, a good chunk of the list is unlikely to be in the average collection. I've been finding that logic to be faulty lately, as more traders have come up with stuff that blows my mind. I really couldn't ask for a better community to be a part of. People always tend to amaze me, in a good way.

My encounter with Jeff's list prompted me to finally join Zistle. I'm slowly putting my collection on there. It's not perfect, but it will do to help me get a more accurate assessment of my collection.

But enough about the wonders of Zistle, on to the wonders of the cards Jeff sent over.

1975 Topps
422 - Brian Downing
624 - Jim Otten (Rookie Pitchers)

2004 Studio
52 - Frank Thomas

2006 Topps Opening Day
90 - Mark Buehrle

2008 UD Documentary
1868 (June 13th)
3290 (August 3rd)
3291 (August 5th)

2009 UD Icons
16 - Carlos Quentin

2010 Bowman Draft
BDPP21 - Rangel Ravelo

2010 Bowman Platinum
81 - Gordon Beckham

2010 Topps 206
37 - Gordon Beckham
214 - John Danks

2010 Topps 206 Mini Polar Bear
217 - Alex Rios

2011 Bowman
196 - Brent Morel
211 - Gregory Infante

2011 Bowman Chrome Prospects
BCP74 - Jim Gallagher

2011 Bowman Prospects
BP74 - Jim Gallagher
BP95 - Addison Reed

2011 Gypsy Queen
116 - Jake Peavy

2011 Topps Heritage
214 - Chris Sale

Thanks, Jeff! I'm now closer than ever to completing the 1975 Topps set and you managed to finish off a few pesky sets for me. I'll be mailing your package off tomorrow. I hope you enjoy your cards as much as I've enjoyed the ones that you sent over.


Vonnoosh said...
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Vonnoosh said...

Are you interested in a Britt Burns Yankees picture? I can scan it from the '87 Yankees yearbook. I think it is the only picture of him with the Yankees. He is featured in that years book even though the caption for him mentions his illness.

Jeff Laws said...

Glad you liked them, I was afraid I wouldn't have very many off your want lists as I haven't been collecting long. I was surprised it was as many as it was. I also noticed that a couple completed sets, I was happy for that because I didn't really send you anything special. Thanks for the trade, I look forward to receiving your package.

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