Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Separated At Birth: Britt Burns and Melanie Watson

I saw this card in a stack of cards I received in the mail and immediately thought of Kathy from Diff'rent Strokes. So far, this is the only set photo I can find of Melanie, but I think it illustrates my point.

Britt and Melanie's character have many things in common. Both have the sheer grit and determination to succeed and they both look like kind, gentile souls. Also, both had their fame in the eighties.

Melanie Watson (now Bernhardt) was the executive director of an organization called Train Rite, which placed dogs with disabled people. Unfortunately, the organization folded in 2007.

Britt's career came to a premature end due to a chronic, degenerative hip condition. He is currently the minor league pitching coordinator for the Houston Astros.


Jason T. Carter said...

Flipping through the TV stations this afternoon, I saw Diff'rent Strokes is now in re-runs on BET. I normally don't go that high on the TV dial, but I might have to start watching that show again. I remember enjoying it as a kid.

Steve Gierman said...

I did the same right after I wrote that. I saw the Audrey Meadows episode. :)

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