Saturday, April 19, 2008

Trading With Thorzul

I have taken on the foolish task of wanting to complete the 2008 Topps Heritage set. I am straying from my comfort zone, just this once, and I'm loving it so far.

Thorzul has a card for card swap going on, so I decided to take advantage of that. Regular cards for regular cards. SPs for SPs. Black backs for black backs. You get the idea.

I took my minuscule amount of doubles and picked out everything that I could find from Thorzul's want list. Two regular cards and a short print. I couldn't tell you what I sent, but I know it was from the list.

I received in Friday's mail the three cards that I selected. The short print is featured in the photo.

313 - Kei Igawa
416 - Asdrubal Cabrera
450 - Chipper Jones SP

I'm happy with the trade. It's gets three doubles out of my possession and three cards into my collection. A win-win! Maybe Thorzul still has cards you need. Check it out and see if you have anything he needs. It works! I'm living proof!


Rich said...

Steve, I'm trying to complete this set too. I am almost done sorting through them and marking down who I still need, the doubles, etc. Do you know anything about the two different Jerry Owens cards in this set?

Steve Gierman said...

Jerry has two cards (198 & 310) in the regular set and one black back (198). I'm not sure why. At first I thought it was a copy of a 1959 Topps mistake, but it's not. They are two different cards, but I have no clue as to why this was done.

Rich said...

Steve, here's my 2008 Heritage set-bulding page if you want to do some trading.

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