Thursday, April 3, 2008

4-3-08: Sox 2 - Indians 1

April 3, 2008 - Cleveland, Ohio

What we saw here was a good old fashioned pitching duel.

When both starters have 1 walk, no-hitters going in the fifth inning, that's the only way to describe it. John Danks pitched outstandingly today. He was ahead of the hitters and didn't let them off the hook. His defense showed up, mostly.

For a change, things went the Sox way on a botched bouncing ball. Crede booted a ground ball, but it zipped right to Orlando Cabrera, who threw to first for the out. The outfield is a different story. After Nick Swisher took a hit away with an awkward slam into the wall, he and Jermaine Dye lost communication in the outfield. This led to an unfair error on Nick Swisher and almost cost the Sox the game.

A.J. continues to play at mid-season levels, even with his bunt that was "too" deadened. He got the first hit of the game, in the fifth inning. He then quickly advanced to second with heads up base running. The Sox couldn't seem to get runners home, so Juan Uribe and Joe Crede offered solo homers. Something that couldn't be left stranded on the bases.

The good:
John Danks awesome display of pitching. This is what the Sox have been waiting for.

Joe Crede keeps his title as Mr. Clutch, delivering in the late innings.

The bad:
The 3, 4 and 5 holes are not producing much.

John Danks pitched the best game of his life and still couldn't get the win.

The ugly:
Communication in the outfield.

Stranding the few base runners the Sox managed to get.

It was something to see today. Even though John Danks got a no decision, the bullpen shined after him. Octavio Dotel bounced back from a disastrous Sox debut. Scott Linebrink and Bobby Jenks performed exactly the way they are expected to. That was a great feeling to witness that.

It's also nice to see the top of the order getting on and the bottom of the order producing. If they can just get the middle to hit at the same time, the results could be mind boggling.


--David said...

The Tribe got "Dank'd", no doubt about it! Congrats to the Sox. As I have said before, my 5-year old daughter is a White Sox fan ever since we vacationed in chi town a couple years ago! BTW, thew Sox happened to have won the World Series the year we went... just sayin... Maybe I need get a ticket to a Tribe game this year... LOL!

Steve Gierman said...

Not a bad idea getting the Tribe tickets. All I know is that the Tribe really put up a fight and that was the best series I've seen since 2005.

Westbrook looked like he picked up right where he left off in Spring Training.

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