Thursday, April 10, 2008

You've Got That Hy Pro Glo

What am I gonna do
I can't look at you
Can't look like you
I'm no hypocrite

What'd you expect me to give
You never deserved my respect

You've got that look I wanna know
You've got that look, the hy pro glo

Selected lyrics from Hy Pro Glo by Anthrax

I know the song has nothing to do with this card, but the title is the first thing that pops in my mind when I see the 1995 Fleer set. This is about mid-range for the look of the card set. Some are better looking, some are much worse.

It looks like an art student suffered a nasty blow to the head and started painting in florescent colors. How else do you explain the array of colors that are not found in nature? What's the deal with the yellow outline on the player? Are they saving the trouble of drawing a chalk outline on the ground by having a bright yellow one follow the player?

This might be an inspiring way to get players to lose weight. The weight statistic is almost bigger than the team name. Whoever signed off on this design should be dragged off to the middle of the woods and have their fingertips fed to the wolverines.

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