Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4-15-08: A's 1 - Sox 4

April 15, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

The Sox strike back!

John Danks brought out another pitching gem today, including a pick off. I'm starting to think that this kid may be for real. He was attacking the hitters and making them swing at strikes. If he keeps doing that and lets his defense back him up, he will be successful.

Carlos Quentin continues to impress with his bat and his glove. He made another "Rowand-like" smash into the wall and hit a three-run homer. Not too shabby for a day without Jim Thome and a few other regulars.

The Sox only had five hits, but they made the most out of them. Three walks and two errors by Oakland certainly didn't hurt either.

The good:
The good John Danks showed up today. I hope he stays the rest of the season.

Carlos Quentin's home run.

The bad:
Alexei Ramirez almost injured himself and the catcher on a swing.

Nick Swisher was 0 for 3, but he more than made up for it with his catches at first base.

The ugly:
Scott Linebrink's shaky ninth inning after a great third of an inning eighth.

Toby Hall is down to a .100 average.

The Sox end up splitting the 2 game series with the Athletics. It could've been a sweep, but at least they won one game of the two. If the Sox continue to take or split series, they should be playoff bound in October.

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