Friday, April 18, 2008

Random Card #6

Have I ever mentioned how much I enjoy the Conlon cards? I know I have, but it stands to be said again. This is actually a short print variation of the regular card. This features Luke Appling's nickname on the front of the card instead of his name.

These cards are a God send to collectors of older players. Some players on these cards don't even have a regular card in the standard catalogue until their inclusion in this set.

These cards aren't worth much, but try telling that to some sellers. These cards regularly list for around $10. They are only worth maybe 50 cents, depending on the card. That's the average. Don't get fooled.

These are sharp cards that feature wonderful, mostly forgotten players. Luke is one of the better known players in the multi-year set. This is a wonderful idea for a card set. I hope some company will issue another set similar to this, featuring different obscure players. One can only dream.

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