Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mailbox Joys: One Ruler To Schedule Them All

I have to reiterate, I have some of the nicest and most thoughtful readers around. In early April I received an e-mail, from a reader named Todd, about a 1995 White Sox Kodak set. I could have the team set because it was an odd size and would not store properly in his collection.

What else could I say, but yes. I love adding oddball White Sox stuff to my collection and I love White Sox team sets. It's a perfect solution.

Then Todd asked if I wanted a ruler with a 1957 White Sox schedule on it. After thinking about that for a millisecond, I said yes to that too. I sent along my mailing address and forgot about it. Until a mysterious package turned up early this week.

I opened it to find a nice letter from Todd and a 1957 White Sox schedule ruler, a 1995 Kodak team set, 1984 Fun Foods buttons of Ron Kittle and Carlton Fisk, 1981 Topps stickers of Chet Lemon, Wayne Nordhagen, Jim Morrison, Rich Dotson and Ed Farmer, 1983 Topps stickers of LaMarr Hoyt, Carlton Fisk and another Carlton Fisk and 1990 Leaf cards of Dan Pasqua and Greg Hibbard.

Wow! I can't believe all of the cool White Sox stuff that arrived in this package. I'm most impressed by the ruler. That's definitely an oddball item! I'm psyched about the John Kruk card from the 1995 team set. This proves that the 1995 Collector's Choice card is not the only proof of Kruk on the White Sox. The Rob Dibble card in the 1995 set was an awesome find too.

When I saw the stickers and the buttons, my face broke out in a huge smile. I was transported back to my youth. That is the type of moment that is instantly welcomed in my household! 1984 was my first year collecting the Topps stickers, so seeing anything before that is a real treat.

Thank you, Todd! This package is the highlight of my week! I really appreciate the time and effort that you put into this package. These are all going to a good home!


Jason T. Carter said...

Man, you gotta post a scan of the Dibble card. He was one of my favorites with the Reds. I knew he spent time elsewhere after I lost interest in baseball, but have never seen him in anything but a Cincinnati uniform.

Steve Gierman said...

The Dibble card is in the lower left hand corner, second from the bottom. I'll post a better scan of the Dibble card in the near future.

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