Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Do You Want To Write For Things Done To Cards?

Have you ever read Things Done To Cards and thought, "I could do that". Well, here's your chance. I am looking for contributors for that site.

I put a notice on that site a few days ago. So far, Cliff from Capewood's Collections has answered the call and has already delivered a great post on Cardsupials.

I'm hoping to turn the site into a community effort with daily content or a close equivalent. So, if you feel like adding an occasional post or a bombardment of posts, e-mail me to get an invite.

The only things I ask are to keep it semi-clean because kids do read the site, have a blogspot account (so you can post) and have fun with it. Be as creative as you like. Everything from a history lesson to a rant to a funny story equal great posts. If you've found something done to a card, share it with the world.

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