Saturday, January 30, 2010

2010 Phungo Cards

Ahhh. There's nothing like a brand new card release to start the year off right! A fresh, brand spankin' new pack of 2010 Phungo Cards awaited me this week.

This is always one of my favorite sets of the year. It never fails to deliver fantastic and unique photography that I never see anywhere else. Let's rip it open!

19 - Greg Luzinski
37 - Juan Pierre & Jeff Kent

We start off the pack with a former White Sox and a current White Sox. The less said about Jeff Kent, the better. You can never go wrong with the Bull.

14 - Harey Carey
49 - Jose Contreras

A former White Sox opinionated broadcaster and a former starting White Sox pitcher. What's with Chicago and obnoxious loud-mouthed broadcasters? The windy city, indeed!

1993 Finest #125 - Carlton Fisk
2009 Topps T206 Piedmont Mini #238 - Mark Buehrle
1993 Finest #153 - Harold Baines

Truly, three of baseball's finest!

47 - Alanis Morissette

Rounding out the pack is alternative angsty singer, Alanis Morissette. My favorite recording of hers is the EP "Space Cakes", featuring six songs off of "Jagged Little Pill" done acoustically. This was done near the height of her JLP fame and captures the original mood of the songs much better than the much later acoustic JLP album released in 2005.

Plus, any person that can play God of the Askewniverse and have a You Can't Do That On Television background is OK in my book.

Great pack!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Card Spotlight: 1-29-10

1993 Score Select Rookie/Traded #3T - Tim Belcher

In 1993, the White Sox were on the verge of making the playoffs, which they eventually did. One move that everybody thought would put them over the top and deep into the playoffs was the acquisition of Tim Belcher.

Despite Tim's questionable performances during the latter half of the season, after he was traded to Chicago, Belcher sparkled in relief against the Blue Jays in the postseason and came away with a win in Game 4 of the ALCS in 1993. I was very psyched when the Sox got Tim Belcher. I'm not exactly sure why. It must have been from his time as a Dodger and as a Red. After the White Sox, Belcher had a down year with Detroit, followed by a number of average years.

This is a card that has escaped me for the better part of two decades. I really wasn't aware of its existence until a few years ago. I finally received the card in a trade. 1993 was the year that my interest in cards started to wane a bit. One of the last packs that I collected in 1993 was Score Select. I remember not being very impressed by the design. It's still not one of my favorites, but it has grown on me over the years.

The rookie/traded set is a vast improvement over the base set. A little color change makes the difference. Here is another example of a card set that I wasn't aware of back then, being a possible reason for the continuation of my collecting. I may have held on a little stronger, until the 1994 strike crushed my interest for good in the nineties.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Check Out My Cards Package

I have been squirreling away a few tiny purchases over the past few months at When I reached 50 cards, I figured it was time to ship. Combining cards into one order saves on shipping.

50 cards = $26.60

Shipping = $15.25

$15.25???? What!!!???

Let's break this down.

50 penny sleeves = $0.50

3 team bags = $0.12

6 toploaders = $1.50

1 bubble mailer = $1.00

Postage to mail = $2.75

Total cost = $5.87

Cost not accounted for = $9.38

That's a huge difference, don't you think? Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my order and the cards I received (except for the Windsor Green & Linen Green colors being mixed up), but the sticker shock of unaccounted shipping money is atrocious.

I can understand a few bucks, but nearly $10?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Final Straw Of An eBay Seller

After three years of service, I am sad to say that my eBay store is finally going to close.

I have endured policy changes that seemed designed to destroy the very product that I sold, sports cards. Every year there would come a new restriction that further hindered my business plan. My sales dwindled. Sometimes the store was just operating to sustain itself and nothing of a profit was seen.

First, the geniuses at ebay took away store items for under a dollar. My business was made by adding commons to a few higher purchased items. It was usually between 5 and 50 cents, but I added the allure of combined shipping and cards flew out the door. These initial changes were something that I almost did not recover from.

Then, optional insurance was taken away. You were supposed to increase your already high prices or increase the shipping to include things like insurance. Either you offered it or you didn't. Choice was taken away. Already overpriced commons priced at one dollar, with a low shipping price of $1.75 and the allure of combined shipping, sat there even longer.

What made me stay? Well, eBay lowered the insertion fees, which helped my bottom line a little more. I was able to offer a few more cards and not worry about unsold product chipping away at my small profit.

Now, comes word that on March 30, eBay is requiring basic stores (which I have) to have fixed inventory at 20 cents per month per item. That is a jump of 17 cents per listing per month! Part of the attraction of having the basic store was the reduced listing fees for store inventory. By paying the fees for a basic store, I was able to list each store item for 3 cents per month. This luxury is now vanished. It is replaced by greed and manipulation.

I have no doubt that this will decrease the overall listings and sales on eBay. Why would a company founded on the consumer getting the best deal, shoot itself in the foot at almost every opportunity in the past two years? I haven't been able to offer the best deal on some items for two years. Now, I can't even afford to keep the good fight going.

Here's where you can help me, dear readers and friends. I would like to open an online store where I can price items for any price that I see fit. This way I can offer a bunch of commons, along with the higher priced cards. Basically, something for the set/team builders and player collectors, etc...

I would prefer to have no insertion fees, if possible. I would like to keep the inventory up until it's sold. In essence, very low overhead. Operating my eBay store has been one of the great pleasures of the last few years for me. It's hard for me to accept that this experience has to end, but my time with eBay as a store option is forced to a premature end.

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Twin Thome

Thome is now a Twin. Fare thee well gentleman masher. You shall be one of the few newly undomed team in Minnesota players that I will be rooting for in the 2010 season. That is, until you face the Pale Hose. I will root for you to do well, but not enough to claim your new team victorious on those days.

Chicago shall miss you greatly. Even more so if the DH by committee experiment fails.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Roid Rage Through Thorzul

Recently there was a super-duper, fantastical, doubled-up, cheapo wax spectacular hosted by Thorzul. Well, on Saturday I received the goods from that break, a few pity cards for not getting many inserts and a whole mess of cards that have been set aside and here presented the perfect opportunity to send them.

This is from Thorzul, and he is someone you want on your good side, so I will not do my usual card by card rehash of the contents of the envelope.

If you want to get a feel for what I got in the bubble mailer, check out Thorzul's post on the subject.

Not too shabby.

Without looking at the want list, I can already tell that there are some cards (from the White Sox break, and the White Sox personal stack) that I need to chop more names off my list.

In that separate stack of cards, I found a card that cracked me up. So, in the interest of this not becoming a list post, I decided to use that card as my sole card reason.

Thanks, Thorzul! That was a pretty cheapo awesome break. And thanks for the extras! They were super neato keen. Especially the one that makes Magglio look like men of a certain era. Cheating men. Who supposedly stole away chances at titles from teams who were untainted by lies, despite what the evidence suggests.

Ahh, Spring Training is just around the corner!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cards On Cards Surprise

I love getting mail, especially when I'm not aware of it. Maybe I was told awhile ago, but if so, I have forgotten. Nonetheless, I received a package from Cards On Cards the other day.

The envelope was chock full of goodies with a simple note that said, "Enjoy!"

Indeed I will!

Even a Brian Anderson rookie card couldn't bring this package down. He's Boston's, er eh, Kansas City's problem now!

Wait. Crap. That means he'll get really good and be the White Sox's problem. More on that scenario, if it develops. Let's check out some cards!

1995 Bazooka
8 – Ozzie “Mouth of the South” Guillen

1995 Stadium Club
318 – Frank Thomas
548 – Ray Durham
569 – Jim Abbott

1996 Score All-Stars
1 – Frank Thomas

1997 Score
374 – Darren Lewis

2002 Upper Deck
618 – Magglio Ordonez
621 – Paul Konerko

2003 Donruss
21 – Joe Borchard

2003 Donruss Champions
62 – Mark Buehrle
63 – Paul Konerko

2003 Fleer Tradition
340 – Willie Harris

2004 SkyBox Autographics
62 – Frank Thomas

2004 Topps 1st Edition
49 – Frank Thomas
127 – Mark Buehrle
215 – Bartolo Colon
273 – Jerry Manuel

2005 Leaf
50 – Mark Buehrle

2005 Throwback Threads
54 – Jon Garland

2005 Upper Deck
329 – Jose Contreras
330 – Orlando Hernandez

2005 Upper Deck Pro Sigs
132 – Brandon McCarthy

2005 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects
64 – Scott Podsednik
171 – Aaron Rowand (305/499)

2006 Fleer
371 – A.J. Pierzynski
375 – Frank Thomas
378 – Joe Crede
380 – Jose Contreras
381 – Juan Uribe
386 – Tadahito Iguchi

2006 Fleer Tradition
187 – Jim Thome
188 – Paul Konerko
193 – Brian Anderson

2006 Topps Opening Day
29 – Freddy Garcia
38 – Paul Konerko
78 – Scott Podsednik

2006 Upper Deck Player Highlights
PH-18 – Jermaine Dye

2007 Artifacts
86 – Josh Fields

2007 Bowman Chrome
211 – Jerry Owens

2007 Topps Chrome
221 – Jermaine Dye

2008 Topps Chrome Refractor
79 – Paul Konerko

2009 Bowman Gold
173 – A.J. Pierzynski

2009 Topps Gold
466 – Wilson Betemit (0716/2009)

2009 Topps Legends Of The Game
LG-FT – Frank Thomas

2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom Perforated
128 – Carlos Quentin

2009 Upper Deck
579 – Matt Thornton

2009 Upper Deck Generation Now
GN11 – Carlos Quentin

Thanks, Kerry! These were awesome. Hmmm. Another reason for Topps to take down Upper Deck. They stole the crappy "Generation Now" name that affixed an endless hellish stream of mirrored cards. Shouldn't Topps be thanking them?

I'll send something your way, when I find something interesting Cardinals-wise.

Goodbye Conan

May you find much success on another network.

You now have a cooler card than Leno.

I hope to see you in September.

Friday, January 22, 2010

First White Sox Card Of 2010

2010 Topps Target Throwback Retro Parallel set #259 - Daniel Hudson

I guess there are Target parallels this year after all. Older type cards just feel better.

Card Spotlight: 1-22-10

1988 Topps Cloth #52 - Ron Karkovice

Topps has a long wonderful history with cloth cards. Mostly involving test runs and limited area releases, these can be some of the most rare of Topps cards.

It's hard to estimate exactly how many test cards were printed, but the number is greatly reduced from the number of regular cards available each year released in the flagship set. The entire set consists of 120 cards, cherry picked from the 1988 Topps set.

1988 may be one of the hardest cloth releases to find, but they are out there. In my personal collection, I have a Topps cloth card from 1977. These are probably the most common, but it is a highlight of my seventies collection.

These releases always remind me of the different stickers I collected as a kid. Many of them were made of the same cloth material. It was something that instantly got my attention as a kid, so I'm not quite sure why cloth cards didn't catch on.

Like all good ideas before their time, Topps kept trotting this idea out every few years, just to see if it would stick. I find the test products of Topps usually more interesting than the mainstream releases. Cloth, stickers and 3-D cards all had test runs. Some got wide releases. Some didn't.

In 1983, Topps tested out a similar foil packaging that Upper Deck used when it first hit the market. If I remember correctly, that was test run only in Michigan. For some odd reason, cloth cards always reminds me of that unrelated packaging test. I suppose it has to do with adventurous innovations and limited releases. Perhaps it has something to do with my youth. All I know is that when I come across a cloth card, I never want to let it go.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ain't That Cute?

The first images of 2010 Topps When They Were Young are popping up on eBay. I was able to find Gordon Beckham, but Jake Peavy has yet to be spotted. Of course I'm going by what Topps sell sheet checklist lists. Knowing Topps, that could change.

I think the one nitpick I would have with this insert set would be the use of a design reminiscent to 1980 Topps. As anyone who has been following my Birth Years digital set can attest to, Beckham was born six years after the inspiration for this card design.

I'm willing to guess that the photo is from the early nineties, based on his birthdate. I know it's really nitpicking and I'll get over it. My initial reaction can't be ignored though. That's why they call them first impressions.

My first thought: that's cute. My second: why isn't that a 1986 template? The cuteness prevails. Beckham still looks the same, just a little bigger.

2010 Fisk Chasing

It's already been reported earlier by Stale Gum and bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog that there is a new short print variation in the new 2010 Topps base set.

I welcome the extra cards, but once again Topps is the leader in frustrating checklists. For just one year, I'd like Topps products to have very simple transparent checklists. I don't mind variations and short prints. I relish their existence. I, however, do mind when we have to discover and track down each variation, not knowing if our search is over.

This is especially frustrating for the team collector, the player collector and the master set collector. The first two of those categories I fall into. Basically, that means that I will be chasing down two copies of this variation. One for the team collection and one for the player collection.

I can really feel for Yankee collectors. They are subject to more cards than they will ever be able to collect. Even with Trump type money at their disposal. The 1/1 cards must be a Yankee fan killer!

I feel absolutely sorry for the Mickey Mantle collectors. Thanks to Topps' Mantle-lust, there were more cards produced in 2007 of Mantle, than in his entire lifetime. I couldn't even begin to imagine the frustration of a Mickey Mantle collector. Do you spend a fortune on one rookie card or the 5,365 technically different cards that were produced in 2007 alone?

It's times like that that make me glad I'm a White Sox collector and a player collector of only a few players, most of which are relatively cheap to pick up. Well, except for Joe Jackson. That's a different story altogether.

The Future Of Upper Deck

Maybe all the lawsuits will be a blessing from Upper Deck. Word has it that Upper Deck will release product this year with MLB logos, despite not having a license to do so. Good for them. I think that the people who hand out licenses for MLB logo rights are a little uptight.

Upper Deck is already facing a lawsuit for counterfeiting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The company faced legal action regarding the stealing of designs from Topps last year through O-Pee-Chee. At this rate, Upper Deck will be bankrupt due to all the litigation.

Why not partner up with another failing company (NBC) and produce a Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien card set?

Conan apparently won't be using any of the intellectual property rights to anything that ever appeared on the show. Maybe NBC can make a little money back to cover their Winter Olympic expenses. I've certainly heard of worse ideas for a card set.

As for the Masturbating Bear, he made a surprise appearance on last night's Tonight Show, after being spotted in the back row of the studio audience a few months ago. It was brief, but stupidly funny at the same time. The same could be said for a Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien card set. Somehow, I think Upper Deck would jump all over this opportunity.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Status Of Birth Years Cards

All the 2009 Birth Years cards are now complete. There were 52 cards in all, including bonus cards.

So where does this leave the set? I am happy to announce that this popular virtual card set will continue!

After the season starts, there will be additions for 2010. There will not be any repeat subjects. This means that there will be no 2010 card for Mark Buehrle, Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski and many others.

Depending on how Spring Training shapes up and who breaks with the team, expect new cards of players like Mark Teahen, Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones and whoever else who plays their first game with the White Sox in 2010.

I bet you are wondering what is happening to other players, who were with the team earlier. Good news, everyone! I will start making those available too. Starting in the 2008 season and working my way back, I will make Birth Year cards for players like Ken Griffey Jr., Orlando Cabrera and other standouts from the 2008 season that aren't already immortalized with a card in this set. When 2008 is done, it will be on to 2007, and so on.

Hopefully, everyone who played with the White Sox, in the last sixty years, will get their very own birth year card. Any player before that will be regulated to the WSC Vintage series.

Monday, January 18, 2010

WSC Birth Years: Alex Rios

Card #52 - Alex Rios

Born: February 18, 1981

Alex is an ambitious player. He wanted to make a great impression when he was picked up by the Pale Hose in 2009, so he tried to be a perfect player. This only resulted in Rios overswinging and misplaying balls in the outfield.

As Alex got comfortable, he started to loosen up and his natural ability started to shine through. By the end of the season, he was hitting better and making more precise plays in center field. Look for Alex to continue on that path in 2010.

Thoughts And Some Sox

The amount of trade posts on the blog lately must be putting Thorzul into a coma. Sorry about that. I just like to show my appreciation and give credit where credit is due.

It's part thank you and a smidge of showing off, but it's all sincere. And if you don't care for it that's ok. I think Carlton Fisk looks ready to have a word with you. Waiting patiently with his Louisville Slugger to wow you into submission with the story of his epic World Series home run. Or possibly his schooling of showboat Deion Sanders.

Any way that you slice it, an unexpected package from Thoughts And Sox arrived on Saturday. It was chock full of goodies. If I was expecting this, I had completely forgotten. I've been a scatterbrain lately. It's all starting to come back though. I've been hard at work on trade packages for a few people.

After the hard drive meltdown and sufficient down time and lost data as a result, I'm still trying to catch up on trades that I was working on before December 9th. If anybody waiting for a trade package wants to give me a friendly nudge through e-mail, that would be great.

Let's see what Adam sent over!

2005 Donruss Champions
127 – Bo Jackson
405 – Nellie Fox

2006 Bowman Draft
BDP7 – Brian Anderson
BDP35 – Charlie Haeger

2006 Bowman Draft Draft Picks
DP14 – Justin Edwards

2006 Bowman Future’s Game Prospects Gold
FG12 – Josh Fields

2006 Bowman Draft Gold
BDP35 – Charlie Haeger

2006 Bowman Draft Draft Picks Gold
DP14 – Justin Edwards

2007 Upper Deck Future Stars Dated Debuts
DD-RS – Ryan Sweeney (629/999)

2008 Bowman Gold
107 – Orlando Cabrera
133 – Paul Konerko

2008 Donruss Threads
7 – Carlton Fisk
9 – Joe Jackson

2008 Donruss Threads Century Legends
CL-7 – Joe Jackson

2008 Finest
33 – Jermaine Dye
51 – Paul Konerko

2008 Topps Opening Day Gold
113 – Jose Contreras (0284/2199)
216 – Lance Broadway (1643/2199)

2009 Bowman Gold
173 – A.J. Pierzynski

2009 A Piece Of History
22 – Jim Thome

2009 Upper Deck Rivals
R16 – Jim Thome, Justin Morneau

Thanks, Adam! This was a nice surprise to see! A few pesky elusive cards have found a new home. I'll be hitting your want list soon. If you put up a White Sox want list for your son, let me know.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

WSC Birth Years: A.J. Pierzynski

Card #51 - A.J. Pierzynski

Born: December 30, 1976

A.J. is a guy that you love... if he's on your team. Pierzynski will do everything in his power to mess with an opponent's head. Plus, he knows the rule book inside and out.

If you think that this is A.J.'s only threat, you'd be wrong. Along with an intimate knowledge of the game, Pierzynski brings a keen eye to the batters box. In 2009, he brought his season average to .300, for the first time since 2004.

A.J. regularly appears on "top ten most hated athletes" polls. That status shouldn't change any time soon. Look for A.J. to continue to do the little things that annoy opponents in 2010.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Putting Thorzul To Sleep, One Trade At A Time

The mail was good today. I received a package from JD's Wild Cardz. I had sent Mike a few cards off his want list earlier in the week and a quick turnaround (something lacking on my part recently -- sorry) came in the mail today. Our packages must have crossed in the mail, I'm thinking.

I could go on and on about it all, but it's a trade of only a few cards and I don't want to put Thorzul into eternal dreamland.

Let's see what Mike sent over!

2009 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor
107 - Carlos Quentin

2009 Topps Heritage Clubhouse Collection
CC-ALR - Alexei Ramirez

2009 Topps Update All-Star Stitches
AST-29 - Mark Buehrle

Thanks, Mike! These look great! It's nice to have a small simple trade, every once in awhile. I hope we can trade again soon.

You Aren't One Of Those Agitators, Are You?


"I hate 'em. I won't stand for it."

Why break out the movie quotes? Because I can and also because I just received a trade package from Dustin Hoffman. Yes, the Dustin Hoffman! Not the actor, silly. The teacher from Kalamazoo!

I prefer the teacher's roles to the actor's any day. The teachers reach more people in a positive way.

Truthfully, I didn't even notice that Dustin shared a name with a movie star, until he pointed it out. It goes to show that I am too preoccupied with the cards and not whether or not the person has a famous name.

Dustin was kind enough to send over a batch of cards for me and some for my friend. Let's see what what Dustin sent over!

1981 TCMA 1959 White Sox
2 – Nellie Fox (Head shot, blue border)

1982 Donruss
20 – Carlton Fisk DK

1983 Fleer
White Sox Sticker

1987 Fleer Award Winner
17 – Ozzie Guillen

1988 Panini
55 – Carlton Fisk

1989 Fleer Baseball All Stars
18 – Ozzie Guillen

1989 Score
128 – Harold Baines

1989 Topps
21 – White Sox Team Leaders

1989 Upper Deck
609 – Carlton Fisk
647 – Bobby Thigpen

1990 Classic Yellow
T91 – Bobby Thigpen
T99 – Alex Fernandez

1990 Donruss Rookies
25 – Jerry Kutzler

1991 Score
401 – Bobby Thigpen AS

1991 Score Super Star
15 – Ozzie Guillen
41 – Carlton Fisk
95 – Bobby Thigpen

1991 7-11 Coins
14 – Frank Thomas

1992 Donruss Rookies
59 – Shawn Jeter

1992 Pinnacle
361 – Carlton Fisk

1992 7-11 Coins
16 – Frank Thomas

1993 Leaf
151 – Kirk McCaskill (2)

1993 Score
579 – Carlton Fisk
582 – Bobby Thigpen

1993 Select
100 – George Bell

1993 Select League Leaders
38 – Frank Thomas

1993 Studio
215 – Tim Raines

1993 Triple Play
108 – Tim Raines (2)

1993 Ultra
172 – Joey Cora
176 – Jack McDowell (2)

1994 Collector’s Choice
134 – Roberto Hernandez
247 – Scott Ruffcorn

1994 Donruss
273 – Bobby Thigpen

1994 Finest
54 – Lance Johnson
146 – Joey Cora

1994 Fleer
96 – Frank Thomas

1994 Post
21 – Frank Thomas

1994 Sportflics
184 – Jack McDowell

1994 Triple Play
263 – Alex Fernandez
270 – Robin Ventura

1994 Ultra
39 – Frank Thomas

1994 Upper Deck
188 – Harold Baines

1995 Donruss
332 – Jason Bere

1995 Topps Cyber Stats
98 – Alex Fernandez

1997 Bowman
38 – Harold Baines

1997 Bowman Chrome
38 – Harold Baines

1997 Score
54 – James Baldwin
58 – Danny Tartabull
232 – Alex Fernandez
314 – Jeff Darwin

1999 Upper Deck
338 – Paul Konerko
340 – Carlos Lee

2000 Ultra
88 – Harold Baines

2001 Pacific
96 – Paul Konerko

2002 Donruss Best Of Fan Club
193 – Kip Wells

2002 Post
13 – Frank Thomas

2002 Topps Opening Day
68 – Royce Clayton

2002 Topps Total
18 – Kyle Kane
183 – Royce Clayton
241 – Gary Glover
415 – Ryan Kohlmeier
471 – Matt Ginter
600 – Mark Buehrle
605 – Keith Foulke
651 – Aaron Rowand
740 – Magglio Ordonez
763 – Paul Konerko
839 – Frank Thomas
917 – Edwin Almonte
TTC7 – Magglio Ordonez CL (2)

2002 Upper Deck Diamond Connection
576 – Joe Borchard

2002 Upper Deck Victory
206 – Carlos Lee

2003 Fleer Patchworks
62 – Joe Borchard

2004 Bazooka Red
268 – Neal Cotts

2004 Fleer Platinum
186 – Ryan Wing (Francisco Cruceta)

2004 Topps Opening Day
77 – Carlos Lee

2004 Topps Gold
108 Esteban Loaiza (0212/2004)

2004 Topps Heritage
257 – Tony Graffanino

2005 Topps
107 – Mark Buehrle

2006 Bazooka Blue
132 – Mark Buehrle

2006 Bowman Heritage Mini
89 – Scott Podsednik

2006 National Baseball Card Day
UD10 – Paul Konerko

2006 Upper Deck Special FX Player Highlights
PH-18 – Jermaine Dye

2007 Ultra Retail
38 – Mark Buehrle

2008 Baseball Heroes Blue
32 – Carlton Fisk (115/199)

2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects
BCP84 – Steven Upchurch

Ryne Sandberg

1986 Topps #690
1990 Fleer #40
1990 Fleer #625
1992 Score #442 (Dream Team)
1993 Fleer #25
1993 Fleer #356 (with Sheffield)
1993 Triple Play Action Baseball #4
1993 Upper Deck #38
1993 Upper Deck #483 (with Myers & Grace)

Thanks, Dustin! These were some great cards! I love the blue parallel Fisk and the Post cereal Thomas that looks suspiciously like this year's Topps base set. Expect a package filled with some of your want list soon.

Dustin is a first time trader and the trade couldn't have gone smoother. I look forward to trading with him again sometime in the near future.

WSC Birth Years: Bobby Jenks

Card #50 - Bobby Jenks

Born: March 14, 1981

2009 was a down year for Jenks due to a series of ailments including kidney stones. Despite these ailments, Bobby posted 29 saves.

Sometimes his save attempts were nerve wracking, but usually Jenks got the job done. In one game in 2009, he quickly got two outs, then loaded the bases, before escaping with a save. Other times Bobby was purely dominant.

Look for Jenks to even out his performance in 2010 if he can stay healthy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Card Spotlight: 1-15-10

1981 TCMA 1959 White Sox #2 - Nellie Fox (head shot, blue border)

After Topps sued and won a court case against SSPC, who made a few rival sets in the seventies, the parent company TCMA focused on increasing its output. TCMA specialized in sets of retired players and minor leaguers, since they could not use the images of current MLB players.

TCMA played a very important role in issuing lost card sets of the forties. It is very rare to find card sets between 1942 and 1947, due to war rationing. It wasn't until 1948 that the first major sets would start to come out. TCMA filled that void perfectly.

Once they completed that task with the continuation of the popular Play Ball series, TCMA started on other retro sets. And here you thought that this was a new idea. The company produced many different niche sets in the late seventies and early eighties.

One such set is the 1959 White Sox set. The complete set consists of 45 cards. This would encompass the entire team throughout the 1959 season and the coaching staff. All in all, this was a wonderful idea for a set. It's always a pet peeve of mine when a player is left out of a card set. This set solves that problem.

The Nellie Fox card has three variations. A head shot with a blue border. Another head shot with a white border. Plus a variation with a batting pose. I'm uncertain if the entire set is like this or just certain players. I have seen a batting variation on Luis Aparicio, so it could be entire set or it could be the star players.

Regardless of variations, this is a dream set for the team collector. The Nellie Fox card is my first card from this set, but it certainly won't be my last.

WSC Birth Years: Bartolo Colon

Card #49 - Bartolo Colon

Born: May 24, 1973

The fifth starting position was a bit of a problem for the White Sox in the 2009 season. Adhering to the old adage, "Let's throw a bunch against the wall and see what sticks", the ChiSox started stockpiling down on their luck veterans, hoping to catch lightning in a bottle.

Bartolo was one of those options. As hard as Colon tried, it seemed as if he would implode every few starts. On May 21, 2009, everything imploded for Bartolo, as he gave up eight runs in two innings in an eventual 20-1 loss to the Twins.

Colon made matters worse by disappearing for stretches of time during the 2009 season. The Bartolo Colon experiment ended when he was given his release in September 2009.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

WSC Birth Years: Gavin Floyd

Card #48 - Gavin Floyd

Born: January 27, 1983

With a rotation as potent as the White Sox usually have, it's very easy for Gavin to get lost in the shuffle. 2008 marked a breakout year for Floyd, as he went 17-8 and helped his team make the playoffs.

2009 wasn't quite up to 2008's standards, but Gavin made the best of it. Sporting a hard luck 11-11 record, Floyd battled it out in thirty games in 2009.

Gavin is becoming one of the most reliable arms in the rotation. 2010 should bring much more success for Gavin.

Coloring By Canada

I kinda wish I had grown up in Canada like a few of my cousins. The baseball card sets may have been smaller, but boy did they know how to flash the colors! Take a look at the back of Gary Peters' card. The color just jumps out at you.

It's colors like these O-Pee-Chee card backs that make me think of the bright colors of my childhood. I take a look at the American counterpart and I immediately deflate my mood. The color is there, but it looks so drab in comparison to the Great White North's contributions to the hobby.

Even the fronts of the cards look just a little brighter. The pictures tend to stand out a little more. Is it sad that I now have four 1969 O-Pee-Chee cards in my possession, but only five 1969 Topps cards?
One look at Gary Peters Canadianized brighter face and the answer is clear. Yes. Yes it is. This year, I will try to work on my sixties sets. I do have 1968 Topps completed. That's something. I'm going to try to finish my eighties base sets too. I don't have too much more to go with the base sets in that decade. It's the oddballs that give me trouble.

At least I can use the lack of postseason trips by the White Sox to my advantage with some of the vintage sets. It's a lot cheaper to pick up singles of great players, like Gary Peters, when only a handful of people realize how great they were.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Canadian Gold Rush From Johngy

I found another box on my doorstep today. There's only one person who dares to drop off boxes in the middle of the day... Johngy!

This time there was a little prior warning and the only clue I had was that some old OPC cards would be involved somehow. The best part about it? All the OPC cards were from before I was born. All of them were from 1976 or before!

In the middle of all the Canadian goodness came a surprise. A 1970 OPC autographed Ron Hansen card! As you can see, the signature is big, bold and readable. It's nothing like most of today's signatures.

To top it all off, there were a plethora of cards from 1992. Many cards from the Bowman set that I had not yet completed and a small stack of gold Topps cards. Simply amazing!

Let's see what John sent over!

1965 Topps
146 – Ron Hansen

1968 OPC
172 – Walt Williams

1969 OPC
34 – Gary Peters
123 – Wilbur Wood
173 – Bob Christian, Gerry Nyman
179 – Don Pavletich

1970 OPC
35 – Joel Horlen
51 – Bob Christian
91 – Rich Morales
123 – Don Gutteridge
146 – Danny Murphy
217 – Ron Hansen
217 – Ron Hansen (auto)
239 – Ken Berry
263 – Duane Josephson
274 – Gerry Arrigo
299 – Buddy Bradford
342 – Wilbur Wood
368 – Ed Herrmann
395 – Walt Williams
444 – Billy Farmer, John Matias

1971 OPC
37 – Rich McKinney
169 – Ed Herrmann
186 – Bob Spence
191 – Mike Andrews
227 – Floyd Weaver
267 – Rich Morales
292 – Jay Johnstone
311 – Lee Stange
373 – Tom McCraw
413 – Pat Kelly
436 – Wilbur Wood
458 – Ron Lolich, Dave Lemonds
489 – Luis Alvarado
506 – Bobby Knoop

1972 OPC
15 – Walt Williams
73 – Steve Huntz
98 – Chuck Tanner
126 – Bart Johnson
146 – Steve Kealey
207 – Tom Egan
233 – Jay Johnstone
240 – Rich Allen
248 – Tom Bradley
381 – White Sox Team

1975 OPC
82 – Pat Kelly
137 – Terry Forster
161 – Stan Bahnsen
243 – Jim Kaat
327 – Jerry Hairston
348 – Tony Muser
422 – Brain Downing
446 – Bart Johnson
504 – Buddy Bradford
579 – Skip Pitlock

1975 Topps
554 – Rich Gossage
579 – Skip Pitlock
614 – Jack Kucek (Dyar Miller, Vern Ruhle, Paul Siebert)
619 – Nyls Nyman (Benny Ayala, Tommy Smith, Jerry Turner)
634 – Cy Acosta
653 – Lee Richard

1976 OPC
47 – Jesse Jefferson
80 – Jim Kaat
131 – Bill Stein
237 – Dave Hamilton (2)
258 – Nyls Nyman
282 – Dan Osborn
333 – Bob Coluccio
391 – Jerry Hairston
413 – Pete Varney
426 – Bob Forsch
437 – Terry Forster
464 – Ken Henderson
488 – Claude Osteen
597 – Jack Kucek (Don Aase, Frank LaCorte, Mike Pazik)
607 – Rich Hinton

1992 Bowman
2 – Kirk McCaskill
36 – Bobby Thigpen
69 – Wilson Alvarez
153 – Charlie Hough
201 – Alex Fernandez
204 – Rock Raines
208 – Lance Johnson
210 – Derek Lee
275 – Robin Ventura
309 – Chris Howard
325 – Greg Hibbard
469 – Steve Sax
605 – Jack McDowell
614 – Scott Cepicky
655 – Robin Ventura

1992 Topps Gold
129 – Melido Perez
231 – Brain Drahman
701 – Scott Radinsky
736 – Lance Johnson
755 – Alex Fernandez

1992 Topps Gold Winners
36 – Scott Ruffcorn
107 – Dan Pasqua
153 – Ron Karkovice
176 – Ramon Garcia
191 – Charlie Hough
273 – Craig Grebeck
355 – Warren Newson
426 – Rock Raines
452 – Wilson Alvarez
477 – Greg Hibbard
505 – Bobby Thigpen
532 – Mike Huff
615 – Matt Merullo
648 – Scott Fletcher
667 – Roberto Hernandez
784 – Ken Patterson

Thanks, John! Wow! I only had two pre-1976 OPC cards in my collection. Now I am swimming in them! Once again, I have to say that you are the best! Time and time again, I am shocked by your generosity.

A Package From Mr. Scott

I normally don't trade for autographs or relics, unless they are part of a base set. I don't mind them, but I will rarely seek them out. In fact, a lot of them are pretty cool. So when Mr. Scott asked if I wanted to trade, I couldn't resist.

At some point, something on the card has touched a Major League ball player. Whether it is an autograph or a game used item, at some point they made contact with whatever is embedded into the card. If I think about it long enough, it leaves me in awe.

The autographs and relics and whatnot left me feeling a bit of awe, but I couldn't help but laugh heartily when I ran across the manufactured patch. It didn't click when I agreed to the trade, but I am now the proud owner of a letter patch autographed by the embarrassment of the 2007 White Sox team, Andy Gonzalez.

I'm actually very happy to own this. I had a special place in my heart for Andy, when he was with the White Sox. I always thought that if I believed in him, he'd get better. One step forward, two steps back. Thus was the White Sox career of Andy Gonzalez. You don't believe me? Check out his stats.

Before the laughter dies down, let's see what cool cards Mr. Scott sent over.

2006 Allen & Ginter Relics
AGR-BM - Brandon McCarthy

2006 Bowman Sterling
BSP-BA - Brandon Allen (auto)

2007 SP Authentic By The Letter Signatures
144 - Andy Gonzalez (19/50)

2007 Topps Trading Places Autographs
TPA-FG - Freddy Garcia

2007 Ultra Dual Materials
DM-FG - Freddy Garcia (42/75)

2009 Sweet Spot
49 - Jermaine Dye
50 - Jim Thome

2009 Topps Unique
49 - Carlos Quentin
99 - Paul Konerko
122 - Mark Buehrle

2009 Topps Updates
UH36 - Konerko & Dye
UH87 - Jake Peavy
UH147 - Jayson Nix
UH182 - Mark Buehrle AS
UH241 - DeWayne Wise
UH319 - Ramon Castro

2009 Upper Deck X
20 - Paul Konerko
22 - Carlos Quentin

Thank you so much, Mr. Scott! The relics and autos brought back a lot of great memories of players that were traded away. The base cards filled some pesky holes in my 2009 want list. Expect a return package soon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

First White Sox Image From 2010 Bowman

Not too shabby for an insert. It reminds me of Bowman instantly. The black bordered base cards (not pictured here) remind me of a cross between Bowman and 1993 Triple Play. Not bad.

Once a final checklist is available and I'm able to pick out the White Sox cards, I'll post a review.

A Trade From Noah

Blind trades sometimes yield the best results. Sometimes not. Usually in blind trades I end up with a bunch of cards I already have. I tend to get rid of a bunch, so it works out in the end.

Lately, I've been having some pretty good luck with blind trades. If I don't know what's coming, I usually have to look up cards. This happens when I receive my first cards of a set that I haven't actually seen in person. I received a lot of cards like that in this trade.

I had the 2005 Topps Rookie Cup cards on my list, but I never ran across them, until now. I had never even heard of the V.J. Lovero Showcase cards from Upper Deck. I wasn't collecting in 1996.

Noah managed to hit needs from 1983, which I haven't put on my want list yet. He even completed some pesky sets. I needed one card for the 1998 Topps regular set. Lyle Mouton arrived to fill that void. I've had trouble tracking down the 1990 Swell card of Luke Appling. I found it in this package.

Enough build up. Let's see what needs Noah managed to hit. These aren't all the cards that came. Just the ones I needed.

1983 Topps
72 – Tom Paciorek
124 – Marc Hill

1990 Swell Greats
3 – Luke Appling

1996 Upper Deck V.J. Lovero Showcase
VJ15 – Frank Thomas

1997 Fleer Update
600 – Albert Belle

1998 Topps
74 – Lyle Mouton

1998 Topps Stars
133 – Albert Belle (0291/9799)

1999 Upper Deck 10th Anniversary Team
X17 – Albert Belle

1999 Ultra Gold Medallion
84G – Magglio Ordonez

2000 Ovation
56 – Magglio Ordonez

2003 Donruss Rookies
6 – Arnie Munoz

2003 Fleer Authentix
17 – Magglio Ordonez

2003 Upper Deck
363 – Joe Crede

2004 SP Prospects
197 – Adam Russell

2004 Studio
53 – Joe Borchard

2004 Upper Deck R-Class
92 – Shingo Takatsu

2005 Diamond Kings Framed Red
64 – Shingo Takatsu

2005 Donruss Greats
142 – Tadahito Iguchi

2005 MVP
71 – Paul Konerko

2005 Origins
262 – Pedro Lopez

2005 Sweet Spot
99 – Casey Rogowski

2005 Topps Opening Day
57 – Jose Valentin

2005 Topps Rookie Cup
56 – Ozzie Guillen
93 – Ray Durham

2005 Topps Rookie Cup Gold
56 – Ozzie Guillen (235/299)

2005 Topps Rookie Cup Green
37 – Chet Lemon (064/199)
112 – Magglio Ordonez (087/199)

2005 Topps Rookie Cup Red
37 – Chet Lemon (393/499)
56 – Ozzie Guillen (420/499)
93 – Ray Durham (216/499)

2005 Topps Rookie Cup Reprints
56 – Ozzie Guillen
93 – Ray Durham
147 – Tadahito Iguchi

2005 Upper Deck Classics
68 – Luis Aparicio
69 – Luke Appling

2006 Bowman Draft
BDP35 – Charlie Haeger

2006 Bowman Draft Draft Picks
DP59 – Tyler Reves

2006 Fleer Greats Of The Game
61 – Luis Aparicio

2006 National Baseball Card Day
UD10 – Paul Konerko

2006 SP Authentic
17 – Tadahito Iguchi
18 – Scott Podsednik
19 – Jermaine Dye

2006 Turkey Red Red
370 – Jim Thome

2006 Turkey Red White
448 – Scott Podsednik

2008 Goudey Mini Red Backs
41 – Orlando Cabrera

Mark Buehrle

2007 Allen & Ginter #299
2007 Ultra SE #38

Bobby Thigpen
1987 Donruss #370

Thanks you, Noah! This was an awesome trade. There should be a package of Mets cards headed your way before the end of the week.

WSC Birth Years: Carlos Quentin In Action

Card #47 - Carlos Quentin - In Action

Born: August 28, 1982

Another "bonus" card based off of the 1982 Topps set.

WSC Birth Years: Carlos Quentin

Card #46 - Carlos Quentin

Born: August 28, 1982

Carlos is a focused individual. He rarely shows happiness during a game because he is committed to staying in the game and won't allow himself to be pulled out. After coming to the White Sox before the 2008 season, Quentin broke out and became the leader in the MVP race.

A wrist injury prevented him from playing the last month of the 2008 season, which cost him the AL MVP. During the 2009 campaign, Carlos developed plantar fasciitis in his left foot which hampered most of the 2009 season.

If Carlos can stay healthy in 2010, we should see great things from him on the field. All evidence points to 2010 being a career year for Quentin.

WSC Birth Years: Mike MacDougal

Card #45 - Mike MacDougal

Born: March 5, 1977

Sometimes a pitcher runs into a jam. You know it's going to happen before he goes in. You can see it clearly and there's nothing you can do to change it.

Mike fits that description to a tee. MacDougal has fantastic stuff, when it's there. Like the mythical groundhog, it comes out, sees its shadow, and hides for another six weeks. Like the movie, Groundhog Day, Mike seemed to relive the same horrible day each time he stepped on the mound.

MacDougal was released from the White Sox on April 30, 2009. He was picked up by the Nationals and spent the rest of the season there. Mike has a terrific upside, if only he can stay healthy long enough.

1940 Play Ball

After the success of the 1939 Play Ball set, another was issued in 1940. The set bulked up to 240 cards and upgraded the design to incorporate a banner and baseball equipment. The backs remained virtually the same, except for the copyright date.

This set included Hall of Fame and retired players, which was the main reason for the "high numbers" in the set. These cards are scarcer than any other cards in the Play Ball series and have long become sought after collectors items.

One of the many unique aspects of this set is the use of nicknames, in place of first names. This is what polarizes collectors. Some welcome the change and others would rather see the given names back.

The White Sox have 11 cards in the set.

13 - Jack Knott
14 - Rabbit McNair
126 - Jake Solters
127 - Muddy Ruel
128 - Pete Appleton
184 - Mule Haas
185 - Joe Kuhel
186 - Taft Wright
187 - Jimmy Dykes MG
225 - Joe Jackson
230 - Red Faber

This set features the last card issued of Shoeless Joe Jackson while he was still alive. It is one of the many reasons why this set has endured. The overall result may not be the best looking, especially after seventy years worth of aging, but it is well worth seeking out.

Most early forties releases are scarce, which makes this set so important. Many sets did not get produced because of the war effort. These sets show glimpses into a time which was not captured efficiently on cardboard.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stale Gum National Chicle Contest

Stale Gum is having a contest where we get to parody the awful looking cards that are coming out of the preview images associated with 2010 Topps National Chicle.

We were treated to "Chipper Ruth" and "Big Frank in White Face" and they look horrendous! Granted, some of the images are really nice looking. I hope that the nice images will outweigh the putrid looking ones, once the set is officially released.

One could look at my entry and wonder what exactly is going on. I shall try to explain the best I can.

Using Topps logic, I took the 1986 Topps Traded card of Bobby Bonilla and slapped Barry Bonds name on. I used filters on the image to make the card look a little like a painting. It's not something that is easily picked up, but it's there.

Some of you may be wondering why I chose to create this particular card. Remember, I'm using Topps logic.

In the 1985 draft the White Sox had a chance to take Barry Bonds, but opted for Kurt Brown instead. Topps logic dictates that Barry Bonds should have been drafted by the White Sox. Follow me so far? OK.

Topps logic says that it's ok to use someone who kinda looks like the subject in question. Someone who could be mistaken for the subject (if you squint) and ultimately someone who could have a loose connection to said subject.

Enter Barry Bonds "Killer B" partner, Bobby Bonilla. Bobby was on the White Sox for a brief amount of time, before finding greener pastures in Pittsburgh. What better person to stand in for the elusive Bonds? No one, I tells ya, no one! Remember, it's better than logic... it's Topps logic!

WSC Birth Years: Jack Egbert

Card #44 - Jack Egbert

Born: May 12, 1983

When speaking with a representative of the White Sox AA club in 2008, Jack's name immediately came up. The Sox organization had high hopes for Egbert. Unfortunately, those hopes soon faded after seeing Jack pitch on the Major League level. Egbert made his MLB debut on April 21, 2009 and over 2.2 innings, giving up 8 runs in just two appearances.

While still a good prospect, he wasn't the fifth starter that the Sox had envisioned. Only a few short years ago, Jack was protected by the ChiSox in from the Rule 5 Draft. In September 2009, Egbert was claimed off of waivers by the New York Mets.

WSC Birth Years: Scott Linebrink

Card #43 - Scott Linebrink

Born: August 4, 1976

No one relief pitcher has felt the brunt of the White Sox faithful more than Scott Linebrink. When Scott came to the Sox in 2008, he was supposed to help solidify the bullpen into a force to be reckoned with. Instead, Linebrink slowly deteriorated.

Scott signed a four year deal worth what a decent closer makes. The main problem is that when Linebrink is taken out of his mindset, he makes mistakes that blow up the bridge he is supposed to make to the closer.

Linebrink can still be effective in small doses. Can 2010 be a rebound year for Scott? One hopes so, if only for the sanity of skipper Ozzie Guillen.

WSC Birth Years: Jayson Nix In Action

Card #42 - Jason Nix - In Action

Born: August 26, 1982

Another "bonus" card, based on the 1982 Topps set.

WSC Birth Years: Jayson Nix

Card #41 - Jayson Nix

Born: August 26, 1982

Jayson filled in anywhere he was asked to play in 2009. Second base? Check. Third and short? Affirmative. Left and right field? You betcha! Nix even pinch ran and pinch hit. Due to his versatility, Jayson made it into 94 games in 2009.

That versatility may be the key to Jayson sticking around with the Sox in 2010. His average may have suffered from the infrequent playing time at a regular position, but Nix still brought power to his plate appearances. He belted out 12 home runs in 290 plate appearances.

If Jayson can't find a spot on the 2010 roster, it won't be from lack of trying. It will be from lack of room. After the 2009 season, the Sox have stocked up on versatile players.

WSC Birth Years: Jerry Owens

Card #40 - Jerry Owens

Born: February 16, 1981

If Jerry Owens didn't have bad luck, he wouldn't have any luck at all. After having breakout seasons in the minors, Jerry just couldn't put that success to work in the majors.

It seemed that whenever Owens was on the cusp of breaking out, he would get injured. When he was healthy enough to play in the majors, Jerry would often slump. After four seasons of this behavior, the ChiSox released Owens in May 2009.

Once thought of as a leadoff hitter with speed that could fill the hole left by Aaron Rowand, Jerry never quite took off with the White Sox. Success may still be in the future. After a productive run with Seattle's AAA team in 2009, the Nationals have decided to take a chance on him in 2010.

WSC Birth Years: Clayton Richard

Card #39 - Clayton Richard

Born: September 12, 1983

Clayton experienced his growing pains in a White Sox uniform. He went back and forth between fifth starter and the bullpen. This split personality also showed up in his starting performances.

Richard would throw a gem one outing and get completely rocked in the next. This contributed to his being shifted back and forth between the rotation and the relief.

While still trying to find his footing, Clayton was traded to the San Diego Padres in the Jake Peavy deal. Once there, Richard seemed to settle into a groove. 2010 should be a career year for the Lafayette, Indiana native.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Good And Bad Of 2010 Topps National Chicle



A Shot Of Novocaine And A Stack Of Baines

Welcome to the Harold Baines refuge!

Yesterday, I had a tooth pulled, which is why I did not post anything. Two packages came in the mail to brighten my day though.

I'll talk about the first one in this post. When I get the other package sorted out, I'll post about that one.

This package came from a reader named Charley. He decided to downsize his collection and that meant that Baines had to go. Charley e-mailed me a short while ago and wondered if I would be interested in making a good home for the Baines cards.

Being the kind and thoughtful person that I am, I agreed to take the refugee Baines cards into my collection.

Let's see what Charlie sent over!

1988 Score #590
1990 Bowman #501
1990 Topps #345
1991 Donruss #748
1991 Upper Deck #562
1992 Stadium Club #536
1992 Triple Play #34
1993 Donruss #725
1993 Upper Deck #81 (3)
1993 Upper Deck #765
1994 Donruss #486
1994 Pinnacle #408
1995 Fleer #2
1996 Pinnacle #241
1997 Pinnacle #87
2000 Topps #471

Thanks, Charley! These have found a great home over here. Please let me know if I can send you anything for your collection.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some Canadians From Britain

Whenever I get a package from the United Kingdom, it can only mean one thing. Another package from John of the awesome blog, The Pursuit Of 80's(ness)!

This would be my first package of 2010. Please hold all your applause until the end. No, seriously. If you don't stop, I'll have to slap you in the face with a striper. If you think I won't go bass on your ass, think again.

Pardon the outburst, but some people can be so rude. If you'll allow me to gracefully shuffle past this intrusion, let's get on with it. S'allright? S'allright.

Anyway, let's see what cards John sent over, shall we?

1989 ProCards – Vancouver Canadians
583 – Jim Weaver
585 – Mark Davis
591 – Jose Segura
592 – Steve Springer
594 – Kelly Paris
595 – John Pawlowski
597 – Tom Forrester

1990 Fleer
529 – Ivan Calderon
530 – Carlton Fisk
531 – Scott Fletcher
532 – Dave Gallagher
533 – Ozzie Guillen
534 – Greg Hibbard
535 – Shawn Hillegas
536 – Lance Johnson
537 – Eric King
538 – Ron Kittle
539 – Steve Lyons
540 – Carlos Martinez
541 – Tom McCarthy
542 – Matt Merullo
543 – Donn Pall
544 – Dan Pasqua
545 – Ken Patterson
546 – Melido Perez
547 – Steve Rosenberg
549 – Bobby Thigpen
550 – Robin Ventura
551 – Greg Walker

1991 Fleer
114 – Phil Bradley

1992 Classic Best
29 – Clemente Alvarez
30 – Scott Cepicky
31 – Mike Mongiello
32 – Tom Redington
33 – Johnny Ruffin
150 – Rogelio Nunez
239 – James Bishop
259 – Glenn DiSarcina
261 – Charles Poe
321 – Brandon Wilson
323 – Larry Thomas
373 – Scott Ruffcorn
375 – Mike Robertson
377 – Doug Brady

1994 Flair
28 – Wilson Alvarez

1995 Dennys
5 – Jason Bere

1999 Baseball America
26 – Joe Crede
60 – Carlos Lee
75 – Josh Paul

2001 EX
12 – Carlos Lee

2004 Bazooka
229 – Mark Buehrle
268 – Neal Cotts
269 – Joe Borchard

2004 Bazooka Comics
BC22 – Frank Thomas

2004 Bazooka Red
268 – Neal Cotts

2006 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tribute
DT-8 – Jim Thome

2007 Goudey
173 – Paul Konerko

2007 Goudey Red
173 – Paul Konerko

2007 Turkey
36 – Tadahito Iguchi

2007 Ultra Retail
33 – A.J. Pierzynski

2009 Bowman Chrome Prospects X-Fractor
BCP173 – Santos Rodriguez

2009 Upper Deck
79 – Carlos Quentin
83 – Joe Crede
90 – A.J. Pierzynski
93 – Ken Griffey Jr.
584 – D.J. Carrasco
590 – Octavio Dotel

Thanks, John! These were really great! I am especially psyched about the minor league cards. The 1989 ProCards set was the first minor league pack that I ever bought, way back in 1990. They were surprisingly at a local mom and pop store called Dairy Basket. It has since turned into a Hooters restaurant, but I still have fond memories of riding my bike up to the store and picking up bread, milk and a pack of cards.

Thanks for the memory jog and the cards! I should be sending you some cards shortly.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WSC Birth Years: Aaron Poreda

Card #38 - Aaron Poreda

Born: October 1, 1986

Aaron made his MLB debut with the White Sox on June 12, 2009. Poreda did decently out of the bullpen, but was only used in fourteen games. Still, he managed to have a 1-0 record for the Sox.

High hopes were pinned on Poreda as the future of the White Sox rotation. Aaron was to be introduced slowly into the big leagues, like Mark Buehrle. First he was to get a taste of the majors by working out of the bullpen. Then, he would be groomed into a starter.

The best laid plans went to pot, when the ChiSox had a chance to land ace Jake Peavy in a deal with the Padres. Poreda and three others were sent to San Diego in exchange for Peavy. Time will tell if this was a good deal for both clubs.

Congrats To Hawk

I've enjoyed Andre Dawson's exploits since his days in Montreal. I was fortunate enough to have him in the same city (albeit on the other team) as I was, so I was able to keep track of his daily stats in a time before widespread computer use.

Congratulations to Hawk for being elected into the baseball Hall of Fame!

There is much joy to be had, even in the candidates who did not make it. Bert Blyleven was thisclose to getting in this year. Next year should be his year! Roberto Alomar just fell short of the required 75%. I would imagine that he would make it next year too.

Harold Baines gained a vote and is up to 33 votes, which is good enough for 6.1%. Once again, Baines is the cutoff. Anyone below him in the voting was under 5% and will not be back next year. My dream of Harold Baines getting into the baseball Hall of Fame is that much closer!
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