Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coloring By Canada

I kinda wish I had grown up in Canada like a few of my cousins. The baseball card sets may have been smaller, but boy did they know how to flash the colors! Take a look at the back of Gary Peters' card. The color just jumps out at you.

It's colors like these O-Pee-Chee card backs that make me think of the bright colors of my childhood. I take a look at the American counterpart and I immediately deflate my mood. The color is there, but it looks so drab in comparison to the Great White North's contributions to the hobby.

Even the fronts of the cards look just a little brighter. The pictures tend to stand out a little more. Is it sad that I now have four 1969 O-Pee-Chee cards in my possession, but only five 1969 Topps cards?
One look at Gary Peters Canadianized brighter face and the answer is clear. Yes. Yes it is. This year, I will try to work on my sixties sets. I do have 1968 Topps completed. That's something. I'm going to try to finish my eighties base sets too. I don't have too much more to go with the base sets in that decade. It's the oddballs that give me trouble.

At least I can use the lack of postseason trips by the White Sox to my advantage with some of the vintage sets. It's a lot cheaper to pick up singles of great players, like Gary Peters, when only a handful of people realize how great they were.


Grand Cards said...

I think you mean colouring.

Steve Gierman said...

Sorey, where's my mind at, eh?

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