Thursday, November 19, 2009

1990 Score McDonalds

One of the greatest thrills and greatest frustrations is running into a set that was a test run. It makes it even harder when that set is issued by a fast food restaurant.

These cards were put out by Score for a McDonalds test run in eleven stores. These eleven stores were located in the great MLB areas of Idaho and eastern Oregon. Whoever had the bright idea that this would be a good testing ground for a MLB card set should have been fired. That's almost like saying that I want to put a hockey franchise in Ecuador.

There are 25 cards in the set, but that's not where it gets bad. It is believed that only 4,000 of each card was produced. Who knows how many cards actually survived due the the extreme nature of the test run.

Regardless, there are still two White Sox cards to chase in the set.

4 - Carlton Fisk
21 - Ozzie Guillen

This looks similar to the 1990 Score release with a McDonalds logo stuck on the card. This actually improves upon that set design by using a gradient style for the border. It does scream early nineties, but the dated look is offset by the rarity of the cards.

The cards are usually way overpriced on the secondary market. A complete set is worth around fifty dollars, while the commons are about a dollar and twenty five cents. If you can find these cards at a decent price, they are worth picking up. Just don't overpay for them.


stusigpi said...

I'm from Western Oregon. Never saw them. This post is the first I have ever heard of them.

Steve Gierman said...

Unless you went to one of those eleven stores, spread over parts of two state, I doubt you ever would have. The only reason I was aware of them was through the standard catalog of baseball cards.

madding said...

I grew up in Portland, Oregon and have never heard of these things, let alone seen them. Of course, we're in the NW corner of the state, bordering Washington. Just based on that picture alone, I'd have to say that they look a lot better than regular 1990 Score cards, and I definitely was into Score cards back then.

Rod (Padrographs) said...

I worked in a card store in Portland and someone came in with bunches of them and the owner bought them all. I doubt if he could find them now.

Anonymous said...

I never knew these existed. I guess I'll have to figure out if there were any Mets in the set.

Steve Gierman said...

John Franco is the only Met that is in the set.

The weird thing is that there are no Mariners in the set and both of the test areas border on Washington state.

Check to see if your team has any cards.

Dave said...

I love that card!

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