Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Welcome Andruw Jones

Next up on Kenny Williams' wishlist from 2000 is Andruw Jones. Andruw is expected to be a bench player, who will pinch hit, play a little outfield and DH. With this signing, the White Sox bench should be feared. Why does that make me a little bit afraid?

We will see how these moves will pan out during the season, but I hope Kenny Williams is focusing on the 2010 team and not fulfilling his decade old dream team.

Either way, it should be an interesting sight to see on the South Side next year. Jones signed a one year contract for $500,000.00. It's a low enough commitment that if this doesn't work out, it shouldn't be taxing the budget too much. Hopefully, Andruw will have a bit of a resurgence here.

Welcome to Chicago, Andruw! You'll love it here.


Johngy said...

I think the key is the low salary commitment. It's really nothing to lose. I don't see AJ doing a whole lot, but it is an interesting gamble. I liked when the Sox got Brian Daubach and Toby Hall, but they didn't work out well.

Play at the Plate said...

Jones had his moments here with Texas (ok, moment). I was really hoping for a return to glory for him. I hope he does well for you....except when the Rangers and Sox meet up.

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