Thursday, November 5, 2009

WSC Birth Years: Octavio Dotel

Card #27 - Octavio Dotel

Born: November 25, 1973

Octavio had been a questionable closer with other teams, but he finally found his niche in middle relief. Primarily as set up man in the White Sox pen, Dotel seemed to thrive on occasion.

Dotel is best when his role is defined. His successes have come when he is used in a specific spot, usually the entire seventh inning. If you bring Octavio out of his defined role, trouble starts brewing. His recent failures have mostly come when he was brought into the middle of an inning, instead of the beginning.

No situation is ideally the same, but when Dotel is brought into a game for a situation he is mentally prepared for, he is lights out.

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Johngy said...

Great looking card.

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