Thursday, November 19, 2009

Heartbreakingly Random Shiny

I love unexpected packages in the mail! One such package arrived at my house today from Heartbreaking Cards Of Staggering Genius.

Even with Matt being on hiatus, he is still churning out some amazing posts. Not only is it the place to see Royals cards, Matt even managed to showcase my favorite thirsty vampire manager card in a salute to arms sequel.

With only six cards to the lot, each of them makes a powerful statement.

2007 Bowman Chrome Refractor
BDPP43 - Leroy Hunt

There are so many versions of Bowman prospect cards covering various releases, it's hard to keep up with what set each card is from. For those who know, it's dedication.

2007 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor
206 - Jose Contreras

The shiny blue border makes this card look awesome!

2008 Topps Chrome Blue Refractor
79 - Paul Konerko

The same can be said for this blue bordered shiny card from the following year!

2008 Topps Gold
486 - Javier Vazquez (0170/2008)

Let's speak some freaky deeky Dutch. Gooooooooooooold!!!!

2008 Topps Opening Day Gold
113 - Jose Contreras (1908/2008)

These gold variations have eluded me, for the most part.

2009 Sweet Spot
13 - Carlos Quentin

Mmmmm... bumpy card! Feel the stitching!

Thanks, Matt! These cards were an unexpected and cool surprise.

1 comment:

Matt F. said...

This post slipped me by. Glad you got them okay and you didn't have them.

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