Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Hear It For The Red And Blue!

Among all the Halloween madness that occurred, I received a message from John of Johngy's Beat that he was dropping off another package soon. All he would hint at was that I would be seeing a lot of red and blue.

Immediately, that got me very excited! Red and blue from John could only mean seventies goodness! Boy was that ever worth the wait.

I slept in this morning and missed the Sox/Royals trade that may or may not have happened. I also missed a stop by John. When I awoke, I found a package for me on the coffee table.

In my eagerness, I ripped open the package and found Rich Hinton staring back at me. I was taken aback for a second. What were these? Could it be? I think it might be. Yes! SSPC!

Nearly a full team set!

134 - Bill Gogolewski
135 - Dan Osborn
136 - Jim Kaat
137 - Claude Osteen
138 - Cecil Upshaw
140 - Lloyd Allen
141 - Brian Downing
142 - Jim Essian
143 - Bucky Dent
144 - Jorge Orta
145 - Lee Richard
146 - Bill Stein
147 - Ken Henderson
148 - Carlos May
149 - Nyls Nyman
150 - Bob Coluccio
151 - Chuck Tanner
152 - Pat Kelly
153 - Jerry Hairston
154 - Pete Varney
156 - Rich Gossage
157 - Terry Forster
158 - Rich Hinton

Thanks, Johngy! This was an awesome surprise! Only Wilbur Wood and Bill Melton remain elusive to me now. The back of the cards say 1975, but I've heard that these weren't available until 1976. Either way, they are standard size. That shocked me, considering the puzzle backs were much larger.

I am very glad to have these cards in my collection. I have been hunting these down for awhile now. The hunt is almost over. Oh yeah, the card featured is Cecil Upshaw. Just in case you were in the dark.

1 comment:

Johngy said...

Glad you enjoyed them. I am on the lookout for Woodie and Melton.
I like the Gogolewski, Allen, Essian and Upshaw cards, because they were the only shots of those guys rocking the red and blues.

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