Friday, November 6, 2009

Mailbox Joys: An Old All-Star

1958 Topps #479 Nellie Fox AS

I found myself with a few extra bucks in the PayPal account, so I decided to check out some cards and make some frugal purchases. It's something that I haven't done in awhile, so I've been having fun!

One of those finds came into my life on Thursday through the courtesy of the U.S. mail.

Usually, the fifties Topps All-Star cards are a little out of my price range. Bidding usually goes up pretty quickly for the cards that I see. I got pretty lucky and found a 99 cent steal.

Sure, the card is a bit off center, but the corners are sharp and the color is good. I'm happy with the card and I can live with the minor flaws, until I find an upgrade.

The thing that really sticks out is the photo. He is only 30 years old in this photo, but he reminds me of my grandfather. Still, he was an amazing player in his day. His career really took off after leaving the Athletics. He is the first player I was aware of from the 1959 team and he is one that I love to find bargains on. Every single card I have of Nellie from the fifties, I found dirt cheap. I'm not sure if that's luck or skill, but it doesn't matter. The journey is over for this card.

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Scott said...

Players from that era look older - they might be 24 and they look like 38.

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