Monday, November 30, 2009

Mailbox Joys: 50 Proof

2008 Stadium Club Photographer's Proof Gold #65 - Nick Swisher 33/50

There's a reason why I haven't reviewed this set for the blog yet. Even after being available for over a year, the set is still confusing. Retail and high end hobby versions. First day and photographer's proof parallels. Some cards in the set only seem to be available in either the high end expensive hobby product or the cheaper bare bones retail version.

That being said, the photography is the key here. Some of it is simply stunning. Even Nick Swisher making a routine play on this card looks beautiful and important. I wish Topps would have treated this set as such.

So much potential was lost in this product. That does make it a bit easier to pick up cheaply on the secondary market. This was my first photographer's proof card from this release and I couldn't be happier with the result. The gold foil shines in person. Unfortunately, it shows up as a dirty copper color blob when scanned.

This card makes me pine for a Stadium Club set done right. It even makes me forgive Swisher for being such a two faced pouty jerk of a player. Well, almost. I still like him as a person, since he has a good heart. His baseball side is a lot like this set. It looks good on the surface, but when you dig deeper, you see it needs a lot of work.

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