Sunday, October 7, 2018

Mailbox Joys: A Package From Geof

While this is a few weeks past due, it does not diminish the gratitude I have for Geof sending these my way.

It is a smattering of things from my wish list, which I will update accordingly in the next week or so. There are plenty of odds and ends that I never see out and about, when I browse card shops and card shows. The 1965 Topps Embossed is a good example. Stamps, coins and decals would be other good examples. Even the Post Cereal cards are getting harder to spot in those places. I love my oddball cards and especially love them when they are older than I am.

Throw in some Topps flagship cards ranging from 1960 to 1967 and I am in awe. I have been slowly picking away at these Topps lists for some time now. It gets more and more difficult when all these shiny new releases are dangled in front of you with even more new White Sox cards.

It's getting harder to keep a balance between collecting new and old. At least I narrowed my collecting down to a few players and one team. I can't begin to imagine what my collection would look like if I still tried to collect every card. I would be chasing down vintage cards of long deceased Hall of Fame players with no end game. As it is, my collection of just White Sox cards takes up more room than I care to admit. And I'm still not done.

Part of the joy in collecting is obtaining the cards. The thrill of the hunt and the stories of kind souls and the tales of white whales litter every collectors' life. Mine is no different. These stories are half of what makes collecting fun. I am thrilled for circumstances, like this package from Geof, out of the blue, unexpected bundles of joy. It is one of the best feelings about collecting cards. Almost as good as holding that piece of cardboard in your hands.
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