Wednesday, June 24, 2009

1972 Durochrome Decals

There have been some very interesting promotions in the history of baseball. One of the most beloved is the giveaway. Every time that I am at a ballpark where a giveaway is being offered, I see people scrounging to locate discarded treasures or simply asking people if they want theirs.

In 1972, the White Sox had six different "Decal Days", where a different decal would be given away. The giveaway dates were April 9, May 14, June 7, July 1, July 29 and August 23. I haven't been able to track down which decal was given out on which day, but if any reader could volunteer the correct information, it would be greatly appreciated.

The giveaways had a slit in the middle of the backing typical with decals, but they were closer to a sticker than a decal. Regardless of what these technically are, the colors are more vibrant than the 1972 Topps set. The red in the uniforms really pop with each decal. A facsimile signature completes the front. The backs have limited personal statistics, giveaway dates, and are printed in green lettering.

The set contained six decals and was produced by Durochrome Products Inc. of Los Angeles, California. They are unnumbered, so they will be listed in alphabetical order.

1 - Richard Allen
2 - Ed Hermann
3 - Bart Johnson
4 - Carlos May
5 - Bill Melton
6 - Wilbur Wood

I really miss giveaways of this nature. This really speaks to the inventive nature of past promotional days. Presently, there are usually a few bobblehead promotions or a youth jersey here and there. I haven't seen a sticker, decal or card promotion for some time. If there are any of that nature, it's strictly for kids.

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Dinged Corners said...

There truly was a time when you could even open a cereal box and get something excellent. In the distant past.

Wonderful memory--and "durochrome" is a neat word.

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