Monday, June 22, 2009

Make Me Laugh Contest Winner

There have been 10 entries and 10 funny lines. I have to admit, I chuckled at each one. I based this contest on what would make me laugh upon the initial reading. There was no further scientific explanation.

One entry made me laugh the hardest upon the initial reading. One entry was very tough competition for the eventual winner. I wasn't expecting that. Those two entries made for a very tough decision.

The runner up is zman40 for Doing his best Austin Powers imitation, Alexie asks Curtis "does rubbing my balls on your buttucks make your horny?"

The winner is TheJaw for Ha Ha. Alexei make you Curtis Cottontail.

The simplicity and absurdity of TheJaw's entry made it very tough to beat. Drawing on my love of comedy movies, zman40's entry made me laugh, but just not hard enough to win. For that, I'd like to award an honorable mention.

TheJaw and zman40, please e-mail me with your addresses and preferences.

To everyone else, thank you for participating. Hopefully, I'll be doing this type of contest again, in the near future.

The other fantastic entries are as follows:

Dan - Yeah, Alexei, that's right, a little bit lower . . . lower . . . ooooo, right there! Yeah that's it!

csd - A thermal detonator in his pocket will slow him down.

dayf - It's only gay if the balls touch.

--David - "This is a simple, outpatient procedure... We'll have that out in a jiffy..."

steveisjewish - moooooooon river
you ever serve time?

Rod - ewwwwww, curtis, put a cork in it. Ok I will.

MGonnella - "Maybe if Josh Fields and Wilson Betemit 'kissed' a little more ass, they would have kept their jobs."

Lonestarr - Alexei: "I got you, pshewpshew!"
Curtis: "Argh... Noooooooooo!!"

Thanks for the great entries!

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