Monday, June 22, 2009

WSC Vintage: Dummy Hoy

Card #5 - Dummy Hoy

William Ellsworth "Dummy" Hoy was on the Chicago White Stockings from 1900 until 1901. He saw the team transform from a minor league team into a Major League team.

In 1900, he led the American League with a .977 fielding average, with 337 putouts and 45 outfield assists. He has been the only outfielder to lead in all three categories in one season.

While umpire Bill Klem is credited with developing the hand signals used in the game today, there are newspaper clippings dating as far back as 1887, mentioning the use of Hoy's hand signals. Since Hoy was deaf, this was the primary tool for communication in the outfield.

Dummy Hoy is also one of 29 players to play in four different leagues. He played in the Players League, the Western League, the Major League (consisting of the American and National Leagues) and the Pacific Coast League. Hoy helped the White Stockings to pennants in both years that he was there. Chicago's American League club won the Western League's last pennant in 1900 and the first pennant in the Major League in 1901.

* A note about the photo used for this card.

The photo used is actually two different photos. There are very few pictures of Dummy Hoy in uniform and I have found none of him in a White Sox uniform. I took a photo of Hoy from an Old Judge card, which obscured the Washington logo. I manipulated the remainder of the "W" logo to make the uniform appear plain. I erased the background of the photo, which was a backdrop of a farm with a fence and a creek and replaced it with a photograph of South Side Park, where Dummy Hoy played his games with the Chicago White Stockings.

I feel that this can give the best representation of Hoy's playing career in Chicago. It was a decision that weighed heavily on the integrity of this project. In the end, I decided that it was best to have a real photograph of Hoy, rather than do without. If I ever run across an actual photograph of Hoy in the field, during his time with the White Sox, I will issue another card.


Anonymous said...

Dummy also played for the Cincinnati Reds and is in the Reds Hall of Fame. There is currently a small display about Hoy in the museum along with a documentary about the hand signals, but I haven't taken the time to watch it yet. Maybe next trip. :)

Mark Aubrey said...

Nice job on the card. Looking around the web for a photo of Hoy I came across this blog, that did an astrological reading on him. Here's part of it:
The planet located of 8th house is pluto in Jupiter that his soul is forced to learn about different cultures traveling the world.

I just thought he was deaf.

Steve Gierman said...

All the postings about the Reds Hall of Fame exhibit make me want to travel to Cincinnati to check it out.

Very interesting astrological profile on Hoy.

Dummy Hoy is another in a long line of great and influential 19th century players that have yet to be enshrined in Cooperstown.

Mad Doc said...

There is a 1901 Chicago White Sox team photo that has Dummy Hoy in it.
Ya wanna a pix of it?
The introduction of hand signals isn't 1888, try 1887. I have documents on that.
Having photographs of almost every team of Hoy. The only picture of Hoy are baseball cards and they are all Senators. There are no cards or photos of Hoy in the field ever located.
There are photos teams I mean with Honus Wagner and Hoy. I kid you not.
Have you ever seen up close the actual uniform of the 1901 Chicago White Sox that was worn by DUmmy Hoy??
I kid you not.

Mad Doc said...

If y'all wanna know more about Dummy Hoy, order the documentary, "Dummy Hoy: A Deaf Hero" at Also there is a film waiting to start to produce, "The Legend of Dummy Hoy" but to start we need serious dinero. Anyone interested to invest, let me know. Yes, we will put a film clip about Dummy Hoy's time in Chicago with Connie Mack.

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