Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Writer's Sox Journey

Earlier this week, Jason, from the excellent blog The Writer's Journey, contacted me about a few cards that he ran across. There were four cards all together. Three White Sox and one Frank Thomas Blue Jays card. I already had two of them, so I e-mailed back and told him that I still needed two of the four.

Jason wrote back and told me that they would be in the mail. The cards arrived today.

2008 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary Hobby Preview
UD-55 - Frank Thomas (Blue Jays)

2009 Topps Ring of Honor (2005 WS Champion)
RH16 - Jermaine Dye

I'm normally not a big Frank Thomas collector of cards that don't show him in a White Sox uniform, but this seemed like a cool card. My instincts were right. There's a nice big picture of Frank looking a bit surprised that he is seen in a Toronto road uniform. On the back there's (Upper Deck aficionados will not believe me) a completely different photo of Frank in a Blue Jays uniform! It mentions an August 4, 2007 game, where Frank hit two home runs to lead the Jays to victory.

I really like the Ring of Honor cards. I've been waiting patiently for some White Sox cards to come out of the series. My patience has finally paid off. The card mentions that Jermaine is the lone MVP that the White Sox have in their entire history. It makes you realize that the title of World Series MVP hasn't been around as long as you might think. In the 2005 World Series, Jermaine went 7 for 16, homered off Roger Clemens and drove in the only run of the clinching game.

Nice cards! They both will be in my collection for the foreseeable future.

After a disappointing loss tonight, I get an e-mail from Jason. You see, he was at the game in Cincinnati against the White Sox Friday night. In the e-mail he explains that he didn't actually get to the game until the seventh inning, but he took several pictures of a certain player that I favor. I downloaded the attachment and found 13 pictures, including these gems.

Harold having a brief conversation with Reds first baseman, Ramon Hernandez.

Harold standing diligently at first base, patiently waiting for a runner to appear.

Thanks, Jason! You have gone above and beyond. Thanks for thinking of me while you were at the game. This makes two games that I have candid shots of Harold coaching. Very cool!


Anonymous said...

Anytime, Steve. I'm glad I got to go see a few innings. I didn't even realize Baines was coaching for the Sox until I saw him there tonight.

csd said...

I will have to try and get a couple for you tonight. I have one somewhere of Baines talking to Beckham after his first hit.

Steve Gierman said...

Cool! Thanks!

csd said...

Here is a link to the album. This might be easier than sending through the email.

csd said...

Still putting some on, so by the end of the day they should all be there.

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