Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Farrah, Now This?!

OK, seriously... WTF?! Are all the good memories from my childhood dying today?

Farrah Fawcett dying of cancer was expected. She was fighting a losing battle and took a turn for the worse, in the last week. It still doesn't make it any less shocking.

Michael Jackson died from a cardiac arrest. He was only 50 years old. Sure, he hasn't been relevant in almost twenty years, but the Thriller and Off The Wall albums were awesome. Clerks II made me appreciate his work with the Jackson 5 again.

Despite the downturn of events in his life the past two decades, he still held that allure to many fans. I was actually looking forward to his new album. It was supposed to be his best since the early eighties. I have no idea how completed that album is. It may be a posthumous classic like George Harrison's last album was or it could be a complete disaster like the most recent posthumous releases from 2Pac.

The sadness with both of these deaths isn't the fact that they are gone. We can relive many past moments of each celebrity through the magic of television and the internet. The saddest part is that they both left family behind. In Michael's case, it is especially tragic because there are three young children left behind. No matter how tragic these deaths are to us, imagine how devastating it is to their loved ones.

May both of you rest in peace. Maybe Ed McMahon will reserve a spot for you on the couch, next to Johnny.

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csd said...

I had just seen the Sox pull out the victory and turned the dial only to see that Michael had died. He just doesn't seem as if he was 50.

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