Sunday, June 21, 2009

Updates And Ramblings

Just a couple of update announcements for the site.

I am on Twitter now, so if you'd like to follow me on Twitter, you can now do so. There is a Twitter Tracker somewhere in the links on the right hand side.

The Make Me Laugh contest is ending tomorrow at noon, Chicago time. Hurry and get those entries in! You could win some cards!

For some reason, I have been updating sites like mad this weekend. I guess I'm just in the mood to do so. The want list will soon be updated too. I'm hoping for tonight, but we'll see how that plan goes.

Happy Father's Day to all the proud pops out there. Hasn't this just been the perfect day to sit down and watch a baseball game? Even better, weather permitting, hasn't this been the perfect day to play some baseball with your kids? I'm not a father, but I would imagine that would be one of the many great joys to share with your kids.

I have a couple of packages left to sort through and post. Those should be up tonight or tomorrow.

1 comment:

James said...

Good to see you on twitter. Here's my twitter info:

Look forward to the updates.

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