Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cards That Never Were #11

1969 Topps - Rocky Colavito

Rocky's last card was in the 1968 Topps set as a member of the Chicago White Sox. The only problem is that Rocky spent the first half of the 1968 season with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the second half with the New York Yankees.

By the 1968 season, Colavito was well past his prime. He still managed to appear in 79 games between Los Angeles and New York. While with Cleveland, and to a lesser extent Detroit, he put up fantastic numbers. One would think that this would justify a final card for Rocky. This was sadly not the case.

Forty years later, Rocky Colavito will finally get his final card.


Johngy said...

You know I am a sucker for these card creations. Excellent work.

gloria gilmartin said...

Hi ~ omygosh! I love this! I found this doing a Colavito search and could not believe my eyes. I agree that Rocky certainly deserved a final card. He also deserves recognition by the Hall of Fame.
A bunch of Rocky fans have put together a new tribute site which includes a petition to the HOF.
Hope you'll check it out and add your signature to the petition.) Also .... ok if I use this picture and link to your blog? Thanks. (g)

gloria said...

Please respond to use of the photo and link here (in your comments) or by email to
Thanks again. (g)

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