Friday, May 14, 2010

Card Spotlight: 5-14-10

1995 Emotion #27 - Ozzie Guillen

I can already tell what was going through Ozzie Guillen's mind while this picture was being taken.

"I going to be the best f***ing manager someday. I will run the show. My way. I going to take no s*** from no Venezuelan motherf***ers. I going to make the weak ones cry. I win the World Series, then I stick it to homophobic reporters by making fun of them. I stay loose and keep my eye on the prize. Sweet Lady Trophinea will be mine. Everyone will see. I will be the best f***ing manager someday."

Well... maybe not ALL of that was going through his head at the time. I can safely say that probably a few of those things were rumbling around in there. During the latter half of Ozzie's playing days, he expressed much interest in learning everything he could about coaching. Being a vocal leader came natural to Guillen and managing would be the next logical step.

As for the card itself, I never knew that "slick" was an emotion. All of the cards that I've run across show different players in various stages of emotional exploits. On some cards, players are in the middle of a grueling exhibition during a game. On other cards, the player is shown in an almost contemplative mood. Being a product of the mid-nineties, I'd say full brooding angst was on permanent display in this set.


Matthew Glidden said...

Ooo, "Emotion" is another design ripe for custom card creation. Nearly solid color background, fairly simple font, no borders. Just need player photos that are trimmed down to the outline and an adjective that describes them.

What would you pick other than "SLICK" for Ozzie? "CALIENTE?"

Alarion said...

I actually heard Ozzie saying that as I was reading it. I think his "f u I don't care what you think" attitude is great. Let the man do his thing - he already won a WS that way :)

Steve Gierman said...

I'm not sure I'd think of Ozzie as caliente. LOL

Maybe "bochinche" for Ozzie.

Steve Gierman said...


I still trust Ozzie with the Sox more than any other person not named Joey Cora.

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