Saturday, May 29, 2010

RIP Gary Coleman

Sure, Gary had the trading cards. I'm sure if I really look hard enough, I could probably find some that were released at the height of his fame, but Donruss Americana offers a more than suitable substitution.

Although, if hard pressed enough, this is the first hobby I associate Gary Coleman with.
Model railroads were a passion of his. They were a passion of mine for a short while in the eighties. I inherited an HO scale train set from my dad. He taught me how to put everything together and I had a blast building models and assembling towns and running trains.

I always thought it was cool that Gary had a passion for trains and that fact made me like him on a different level than just being a child star on a hit television program and a few likable movies. It made me identify with him more and it brought a new sort of coolness to a hobby that was shown to me by my dad.

I grew out of model trains by the time I was a teenager, but I still have fond memories of picking out the right models to make my town the best I could make it. I have no idea if Gary stuck with trains, after the limelight faded. I like to think that he did. That he had one constant that could bring him joy.

Another part of my childhood passed yesterday. Thanks for the great memories Gary.

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Collective Troll said...

Very cool story! RIP GC!

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