Monday, May 17, 2010

Cards That Never Were #27

1972 Topps - Tom Paciorek

Wimpy was fortunate enough to get the "career card" treatment in 1988 with a final Score card. Tom's last game in the majors was in 1987 and this was a nice tribute to a solid player and soon to be awesome broadcaster.

Paciorek was also fortunate enough to have a card in every single season from 1971 on, except for 1972. Tom had a shared rookie card in 1971 and another shared rookie card in 1973. He wouldn't get his first solo card until 1974.

1972 is a very unique set for Topps. The design was bold and instantly recognizable. The player list included some who were pictured in teams that they would never play for, but were attached to briefly in Spring Training. It was an example of Topps showing initiative and airbrushing players into their new uniforms, only to find that they had moved on before the beginning of the season.

Does Wimpy deserve a solo card in 1972, after playing in eight games in 1970 and two games in 1971? Probably not. Yet, a legitimate prospect is probably better than a phantom player on a card. In 1972, Tom's best days were ahead of him. So I say, why not?

For all you Tom Paciorek completists out there, here is his missing 1972 card. Duke, we miss you broadcasting games on the South Side of Chicago.
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