Monday, May 3, 2010

Cards That Never Were #21

1986 Fleer Update - Jack Perconte

Jack came to the Sox in the great lost season of 1986. The team was going in a downward spiral and one season GM wonder, Hawk Harrelson, was trying anything to right the ship, without leaving the golf course.

In April 1986, the Mariners released Perconte. By May, the Sox had signed him. Jack didn't get into a game until August 25th. At that point the Sox were on their third manager of the season.

With a svelte .219 batting average and a .990 fielding percentage, the White Sox ended up releasing Perconte at the end of the season. Jack was picked up by the Dodgers in 1987, but he never played for the parent club.

Jack has since opened a Sport Academy in Naperville, Illinois, written books on hitting instruction and writes at


gcrl said...

he's also 'the other guy' on the 81 topps fernando/scioscia rookie card. you should send this to him to sign - he's a good ttm signer.

nice card.

Johngy said...

I had forgotten about Perconte. Cool.

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