Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trading With Flywheels

I could have gone with a scan of any one of the standouts or names in the 2009 Charlotte Knights team set. I could have used Cole Armstrong or Donny Lucy. Ehren Wassermann was a good possibility. So were Randy Williams and Jack Egbert. I could have even pulled out a Brent Lillibridge or a Carlos Torres.

In this set rests the only card that I'm aware of of John Van Benschoten in a White Sox uniform, albeit a minor league affiliate uniform. I admit that I don't keep up with the minor league teams as much as I should, but when did former Cub, Daryle Ward get into the White Sox organization? Maybe it has something to do with his father, Gary Ward, being the hitting coach.

I could have even chosen manager Chris Chambliss or pitching coach Richard Dotson, the former for Yankee involved MLB headlines and the latter for the White Sox ties.

No, I chose Bacon, because, well, you know, he brings the bacon. Plus, he has the biggest vocal supporters of any of the players or coaches in the 2009 Charlotte Knights team set. There may be riots in the streets if I don't show Gordon. I wouldn't want to be held responsible for the widespread panic and devastating destruction that might result.

Thanks to Flywheels, who runs Cardboard Collections! Also thrown in were a smattering (I find myself using that word a lot lately) of random White Sox cards. Most I already had, but are nonetheless cool. Among the cards that are new to me is an Upper Deck Ticket To Stardom (who's stealing from who, Topps?) of John Danks.

I'm compiling a return package for you that should be mailed out shortly. Thanks again!

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