Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mailbox Joys: '52 Chico

1952 Bowman #41 - Chico Carrasquel

For some odd reason, the scanner chopped off the right hand side. It happens sometimes. Let me assure you that this card is centered. It does have a little bit of corner wear and shows age coloring, but it is a fine example of a 48 year old card.

This would be my second card from 1952. The first one was bought at a steal of a price through an auction. This card was obtained through the same means. Money has been extremely tight lately and looks to be that way for a little while. I could not pass up my first 1952 Bowman card for $5.50 shipped. I needed a little joy in my mailbox.

Except for a 1985 Coke card of Luis Salazar with Chico in a tiny window to the past in a lower hand corner, this is my first card of Chico Carrasquel. I shouldn't find that too surprising considering Chico was only with the Sox from 1950 until 1955. Beckett lists only 56 entries for Chico. Only three of those are from the past ten years. One is Venezuelan, one is a buyback and the other is a cut signature card limited to 5. That surprises me more than the 56 entries.

Two Chico White Sox cards down (including the 1985 Coke), 21 to go.


cincykid said...

I need to dig through my stuff, but I think I have a Bowman Minnie Minoso you're welcome to have if you want it. I know you'll enjoy it more being a Sox fan. I'll try to find it tonight.


Steve Gierman said...

Cool! Thanks! E-mail me with any details.

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