Sunday, January 10, 2010

WSC Birth Years: Jayson Nix

Card #41 - Jayson Nix

Born: August 26, 1982

Jayson filled in anywhere he was asked to play in 2009. Second base? Check. Third and short? Affirmative. Left and right field? You betcha! Nix even pinch ran and pinch hit. Due to his versatility, Jayson made it into 94 games in 2009.

That versatility may be the key to Jayson sticking around with the Sox in 2010. His average may have suffered from the infrequent playing time at a regular position, but Nix still brought power to his plate appearances. He belted out 12 home runs in 290 plate appearances.

If Jayson can't find a spot on the 2010 roster, it won't be from lack of trying. It will be from lack of room. After the 2009 season, the Sox have stocked up on versatile players.

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