Monday, January 4, 2010

Good News Everyone

Good News: The Bears won their final game.

Bad News: They finished with a 7-9 record.

Good News: I don't have to hear another word about Jay Cutler until July.

Bad News: Unfortunately, I probably can't say the same about Brian Urlacher.

Good News: The end of the Bears' season means that the White Sox are that much closer to Spring Training!

Bad News: The Bears' early departure means that there is more time between the end of the Bears' season and the start of Spring Training.

Good News: I have limited myself to this one Bears post.

Bad News: It's one post too many for this lost season.

I can't wait until mid-February.


Johngy said...

Good news:Sox did not sign Marlon Byrd!

dayf said...

Good news, everyone! I am now completely incapable of reading the words "good" and "news" in succession without hearing the entire passage in my head in Professor Farnsworth's voice.

Captain Canuck said...

don't forget about April, where you'll get to hear who the Broncos draft with your 1st round pick that you gave up for Cutler.

don't forget that.

Steve Gierman said...

How can I forget any of those? It's impossible.

Vonnoosh said...
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Vonnoosh said...

'09 was definitely a rotten year for Da Bears but that late season MNF game against the Vikings was something special. I hope the Bears got something nice from the Saints because had the Vikings won that game, the NFC championship would have been in Minn and needless to say, dome home field advantage would have ruined the Saints who barely won the championship in New Orleans.

I remember hearing the Oilers all received expensive briefcases from the Steelers back in '77 when Houston got them into the postseason by beating the Bengals during the last day of the regular season (same day the Bears earned their first post season appearance in 14 years). The Bears deserved something from the Saints.

I don't know what is happening this season but I hope this year has more to offer than just an exciting but meaningless MNF win for the team I have gone prematurely gray over for the past 25 years (that late in '08 MNF game against the Pack was pretty good too)...The Super Bowl Shuffle was a long time ago....

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