Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Shot Of Novocaine And A Stack Of Baines

Welcome to the Harold Baines refuge!

Yesterday, I had a tooth pulled, which is why I did not post anything. Two packages came in the mail to brighten my day though.

I'll talk about the first one in this post. When I get the other package sorted out, I'll post about that one.

This package came from a reader named Charley. He decided to downsize his collection and that meant that Baines had to go. Charley e-mailed me a short while ago and wondered if I would be interested in making a good home for the Baines cards.

Being the kind and thoughtful person that I am, I agreed to take the refugee Baines cards into my collection.

Let's see what Charlie sent over!

1988 Score #590
1990 Bowman #501
1990 Topps #345
1991 Donruss #748
1991 Upper Deck #562
1992 Stadium Club #536
1992 Triple Play #34
1993 Donruss #725
1993 Upper Deck #81 (3)
1993 Upper Deck #765
1994 Donruss #486
1994 Pinnacle #408
1995 Fleer #2
1996 Pinnacle #241
1997 Pinnacle #87
2000 Topps #471

Thanks, Charley! These have found a great home over here. Please let me know if I can send you anything for your collection.

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