Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Congrats To Hawk

I've enjoyed Andre Dawson's exploits since his days in Montreal. I was fortunate enough to have him in the same city (albeit on the other team) as I was, so I was able to keep track of his daily stats in a time before widespread computer use.

Congratulations to Hawk for being elected into the baseball Hall of Fame!

There is much joy to be had, even in the candidates who did not make it. Bert Blyleven was thisclose to getting in this year. Next year should be his year! Roberto Alomar just fell short of the required 75%. I would imagine that he would make it next year too.

Harold Baines gained a vote and is up to 33 votes, which is good enough for 6.1%. Once again, Baines is the cutoff. Anyone below him in the voting was under 5% and will not be back next year. My dream of Harold Baines getting into the baseball Hall of Fame is that much closer!


Dinged Corners said...

Not to be too auto-mundane, but doesn't Andre Dawson have a great signature?

Steve Gierman said...

He has one of the best signatures in baseball! That's why I wanted to post something with his autograph with this post.

George said...

I agree - what a signature. Well done to the Hawk on making it. I hope BB makes it next year.

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