Monday, January 25, 2010

Roid Rage Through Thorzul

Recently there was a super-duper, fantastical, doubled-up, cheapo wax spectacular hosted by Thorzul. Well, on Saturday I received the goods from that break, a few pity cards for not getting many inserts and a whole mess of cards that have been set aside and here presented the perfect opportunity to send them.

This is from Thorzul, and he is someone you want on your good side, so I will not do my usual card by card rehash of the contents of the envelope.

If you want to get a feel for what I got in the bubble mailer, check out Thorzul's post on the subject.

Not too shabby.

Without looking at the want list, I can already tell that there are some cards (from the White Sox break, and the White Sox personal stack) that I need to chop more names off my list.

In that separate stack of cards, I found a card that cracked me up. So, in the interest of this not becoming a list post, I decided to use that card as my sole card reason.

Thanks, Thorzul! That was a pretty cheapo awesome break. And thanks for the extras! They were super neato keen. Especially the one that makes Magglio look like men of a certain era. Cheating men. Who supposedly stole away chances at titles from teams who were untainted by lies, despite what the evidence suggests.

Ahh, Spring Training is just around the corner!

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