Tuesday, April 8, 2008

#63 - Ryan Bukvich

As we wind down the "Greatest Uniform Number" series, we find less and less players occupying the uniform numbers. In one aspect this makes the choices somewhat easier. In another, sometimes players slip through that wouldn't be considered at a number with greater competition.

Ryan Bukvich is one case. He wasn't bad in his appearances with the White Sox, but he didn't exactly excel at his position either. He came in and did what was asked of him. Ryan was one of the few bright spots in the 2007 bullpen.

Ryan appeared in 45 games for the Sox in 2007. He had a 1-0 record with 18 strikeouts and 24 walks in 35 2/3 innings. Not too bad, but not exactly setting the world on fire. It was good enough to rise near the top of the 2007 White Sox bullpen. Giving up roughly one hit for every inning of work as a reliever isn't going to make you a favorite of many people. Against odds though, he became a cult hero in Chicago, earning the nickname "Iceman" for his icy exterior in pressure situations.

Ryan does get bonus points for being born in Naperville, IL. Although bonus points mean nothing here. With more work, I can see Ryan becoming a decent middle reliever, but it probably won't be with the White Sox. He signed a minor league contract with the Baltimore Orioles after the 2007 season.

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