Saturday, April 5, 2008

RIP Jerry Crider

I was informed through the comments of Jerry Crider's passing on April 4, 2008. For those of you who don't look through the comments he is what kmswildcat said.

Jerry Crider was an amazing person. He passed away last night (4/4/08) after a long battle of emphysema and congestive heart failure. After retiring from baseball he moved his family to Mexico where he started a hunting and fishing business and ran it for 19 years. He moved back to Phoenix in 2000 to receive medical care and lived here since. He was a man with a million stories, knew every statistic, every bit of history and made you laugh. He loved his grandchildren (all 7 of them!), loved his sports and loved his betting!

Thank you for sharing this information with me and the readers of White Sox Cards. From wondering out loud as to who Jerry was to finding out a little about his post-baseball life to his passing, I've learned more about this amazing man than I ever thought possible. It just goes to show that there are real people behind each statistic and each player has their own unique story.

My thoughts go out to Jerry's family and friends in this difficult time. No matter how much you prepare for something like this, it's always a shock when the time actually comes.

Thank you, Jerry, for being a part of White Sox history. You will always be part of a rich tapestry of different players who have had the privilege of playing for Chicago's South Side team.

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