Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Mailbox Joys: A Not So Wee Fisk Swatch

2003 SP Legendary Cuts - Historic Swatches #J-CF - Carlton Fisk 075/350

Uniform swatches can come in three sizes: wee, not so wee and FRICKIN' HUGE! This is one of the "not so wee" swatches.

This is a nice looking pants card of Carlton Fisk. I just hope it's not too close to the cup area. I like the guy, but I'm not ready for a relationship of that nature. I'm not a tailor, so I should be nowhere near the inseam.

Even though this is a card featuring Carlton on the Boston Red Sox, the piece of pants is stated to be from his Chicago White Sox playing days. This is further proof that if you rub the Red Sox cap on his Cooperstown plaque, it will turn into a White Sox hat. The pants are more than meets the eye. It's a uniform in disguise.

It looks like Carlton's holding an award for broadcasting that wasn't introduced until 1978. Under closer inspection, it looks like a Rookie of the Year plaque bearing the name of Ford C. Frick. It's a nice shot of Carlton, early in his career.

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