Sunday, April 13, 2008

4-13-08: Tigers 0 - Sox 11

April 13, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

Ain't life grand?

What can you say about a game in which there was dominant pitching, dominant hitting and lucky breaks all for one side? That would be winner for $400, Alex.

It's not every game that includes a superb effort by Javier Vazquez and grand slams by Paul Konerko and Joe Crede, while shutting out a team for the second straight game. These Tigers won't be asleep all season and I would hate to be the team that runs into them when they figure everything out and wake up.

Jim Thome's luck is changing. After getting a great swing off of Kenny Rogers that had the ball soaring a few feet foul, high over the foul pole, he got a lucky break on an infield pop-up. Miguel Cabrera ran into the third base umpire and the ball dropped fair. It was a wacky lopsided affair.

The good:
Two grand slams in the game! One by Konerko, one by Crede.

A dominant pitching performance by Javier Vazquez.

The bad:
The Cuban Missile (Alexei Ramirez) had a tough luck at-bat with a line out.

Thome still looks uncomfortable at the plate, but is getting better.

The ugly:
Thome's "hit" could be construed as "umpire interference"?

Detroit pitcher Kenny Rogers really looked bad in his outing.

It's really hard coming up with bad and ugly points when every starter gets on base, scores a lot and the opposition gets shut out. I like this kind of a challenge though. Let's hope this type of team camaraderie lasts through the season.

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