Friday, April 18, 2008

Card Spotlight 4-18-08

1994 Bowman #381 - Jason Bere

To tell you the truth, the card spotlight was the last thing on my mind today. I almost forgot it. I've been busy with job interviews and Saturday is the one year anniversary of a tragedy in my family. So in other words, my mind has been a bit preoccupied today.

I haven't really seen much of 1994 Bowman. It was released shortly after I bought my last pack of cards in the nineties. I received this card in the mail earlier in the week and it seems like the perfect card for a hectic week.

It doesn't show well in the scan, but the card is foil. It seems obscurred, but it makes Jason really stand out. I usually don't care for over-foiled cards, but this one seems striking to me. Jason had all the potential in the world when this card was issued. An injury filled career would soon follow, but this was the time to shine for Jason.

He was hot stuff in 1994. People were projecting him to win multiple Cy Youngs and win 300+ games by the time his career was over. It never happened. He only won 71 games in his career. It reminds me of a saying Frank Thomas' father told him. Don't Believe The Hype.

This card reminds me of all that hype, hope and dreams for the future. Sometimes they just don't pan out the way you think they will. At least Jason was able to surivive in the majors until 2003. That's still a decent career.

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