Saturday, April 12, 2008

4-12-08: Tigers 0 - Sox 7

April 12, 2008 - Chicago, Illinois

Long as I remember, the rain's been comin' down.

Gavin Floyd was outstanding in this game. Until the eighth inning, there were only two hits. Both were by the White Sox. Justin Verlander also had a great game, until the eighth inning. That's when everything derailed for him. He plunked two batters, including one in the back of the head.

To be fair, the weather was nothing but a steady wetness. The rain didn't let up once during the game. That might've helped Gavin Floyd's performance, but he did get into a groove despite the weather. Orlando Cabrera got his first home run in a White Sox uniform, but karma caught up with him in the eighth inning. He's the batter that ended up with the pitch on the back of the helmet. He's a trooper and ended up finishing the game.

The good:
Gavin Floyd taking a no-hitter into the eighth.

Orlando Cabrera's first White Sox home run.

The bad:
The weather.

Jermaine Dye was 0 for 4 and left 5 men on base.

The ugly:
Orlando Cabrera's head hunting scare.

Konerko being hit two batters later.

It was nice to see the Sox pile on the runs late in the game. This was a formula that was missing in 2007. Everyone seemed to do their part in moving the runners along. The defense was spectacular and it took one soft hit from Renteria to break up Gavin Floyd's no-hitter.

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