Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Card By Request: 1995 Kodak Rob Dibble

Someone asked for it, so here it is. The 1995 Kodak card of Rob Dibble in a White Sox uniform. Impressive, huh?

From the back of the card, I learn that Rob was signed as a free agent on February 27, 1995 by the Sox. Why did Cincinnati let Rob get away?

That is quickly answered by the "Did You Know?" portion of the card.

"Missed most of 1994 after right shoulder surgery..."

A-ha! More evidence that the White Sox were nothing more than MLB's M*A*S*H unit in the nineties. Why is a Rob Dibble White Sox card a rarity?

The answer is quite simple. He only played 16 games with the White Sox with a 6.28 ERA. The plot thickens! At least he held on for one save during his brief White Sox career. It would be his last MLB save.

Rob was released on July 17, 1995 by the Sox and picked up on July 31, 1995 by the Brewers. He appeared in 15 games for the Brewers, but without a save. At the end of 1995, Rob was so desperate that he signed with the Cubs, but never made it onto the major league team.

At least I can finally say that I have a White Sox card of Rob Dibble. That's pretty cool.

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Jason T. Carter said...

That is pretty cool. I wonder if he had a Brewers card too? I guess I'll have to ask the webmaster of wait, no one collects Brewers cards. LOL.

Talk about the Sox being M*A*S*H of the 90s, what about the Reds? They had Jerome Walton, Kevin Mitchell, Benito Santiago, Greg Swindell, etc....long after their peaks.

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