Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Random Card #11

The front of this card claims, "Legends of Today". It features a full bleed picture of Robin Ventura releasing the bat after (I would hope) a home run. For all I know, it could have been a fly ball to shallow center field. Those are the breaks.

While the front features a great action shot of Ventura, it's the back that captivates me more. It compares Robin to three different baseball greats.

I'm assuming that the three players selected have already reached the five baseball level in each category. That's the only way I can see this working. Let's see how Robin stacks up against the greats.

Compared to Harmon Killebrew, Robin rates average in power. That sounds eerily accurate. While Robin could sport some power, he was more of a base hit kind of guy. He could sneak up on you with his power, but it didn't come around enough in his career.

Compared to Lou Brock, Robin rates average in speed. I would have guessed this would be below average. Before 1998, Robin's career stolen bases would be 14. That's a far cry from Lou Brock's career total. I don't really remember Ventura stretching singles into doubles.

Compared to Brooks Robinson, Robin rates above average in fielding. That sounds about right too. Ventura had great range, but not as great as Brooks Robinson. The Sox have had a history of above average to excellent third basemen. Take the current third baseman, Joe Crede. He may actually rate the same as Brooks when it comes to fielding.

Based on the breakdown of this chart, I can see that Robin had a great career, but it wasn't even close to get him into Hall of Fame consideration. He can hold his head high though. Ventura had a career that should keep him in the minor star and regional star range for years to come.

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